The gadget spec URL could not be found
Best in class.


Needs recruiter license $5,000 / year
Best tool to find staff
Can boost searches and highlight them
In-mail credits limit how many outreaches you can use (if you get a response you get the credit back)
Each month credits carry-forward

Indeed is good for international hires
Charges on role and how much you advertise it
Need a good relationship with Indeed
Not very effective for technical roles (good for marketing managers)

Has a tool that blasts across all platforms (like ziprecruiter and
But almost none from all of these

Free music

You can use any of the following royalty-free music for commercial purposes in your videos:

Stats for marketers

Yeah1: do u know of an service provider like similarweb that can provide data like: females between 20-45 years, what topics or channels on youtube interest them?

Game dev

Like Unity light, but easier to use. created using Gamemaker 1.4

GUI web-based game creator



Email setup for security and anti-spam

You can check to see if you setup G Suite (akak Google Apps) email correctly by using the Google checking tool:


For authenticating emails and minimizing spam:

If you use Google mail servers, create the SPF record: "v=spf1 ~all"

Setup DKIM as the help center articles linked on that page suggest.

Affiliate programs

Twitch pays streamers 5% for game sales

Social media sites

New popular social mobile app combining elements of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others

Dialing + using international exit code instead of +

011 from US or Canada
00 from any European country, Philippines and others


3D sets

Freedom! brands

Claims to be a better "do not disturb" for your mobile phone
They got using a trademark claim according to Ryan Thomson

What's wrong with StackOverflow

Stack Overflow is more about popular answers, rather than correct, verifiable answers. Expressing hope that one leads to the other is, well, hope; nothing more, nothing less. This does reflect current cultural tendencies in Western societies, and therefore should be considered the correct attitude; no re-education necessary.

You cannot fight popularity with facts. Facts are never popular. Narratives about facts are sometimes popular, but never as popular as myths.

Pick your questions, make your answer a narrative; present a robust solution, with facts like seasoning. Some of it may stick. Expecting any better from Stack* is irrational.

Music claiming

Position Music uses  to find their tracks on TV and radio to confirm appropriate licensed uses

Why we relocated from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Hong Kong lawyer list

Law Society


Brian Higby uses at his company, bought an enterprise policy

Convert time zones

Flights (cheaper than Google Flights)

Crypto services

People pay "credo" coin to send emails to people not in a whitelist

Fitness monitoring devices

ICO to learn from

Go Lang

Intro to Go for C++ devs

Windows Virtual Machines

Sandboxy - free with paid versions

Virtualbox - free, open source

Kali Linux
Michael Doyon uses on a USB stick

Software installers

Popular free software. You pick, it downloads and installs. Useful on a new or freshly-formatted computer.

Famous investors

Tailor Lopez

Famous games


Went free-to-play and became worth a lot

Security - 2FA Two Factor Authentication - 2SV 2-Step Verification


Google Authenticator vs. Authy

Save your eyes

Mike Doyon recommends

Track computer software use

Like what odesk (acquired by upwork) has internally for its developers

Time tracking

Dev tool

Integrates with Travis CI to automate builds and unit testing, links with Github for bug tracking, links with pull requests

Data analysis tools

Best YouTube tools

Upload MP3 to YouTube (automatically creates a video from an audio file)

Talent agencies

Social Chain uses Trello and Google Sheets (from their job ads)

Search engines

Faster MySQL search

YouTube MCN dashboard

Paladin Software


Channel Meter

Tube Tools

From Arjan Egelmeers <> sales pitch email:
  • We offer technology that automates your uploads, and handles your copyrights and monetization on YouTube and Facebook.
  • You can bulk-transfer videos from YouTube to Facebook Rights Manager and start claiming on Facebook instantly.
  • We provide big data analytics and customized financial reporting across all your platforms.
  • We create a tiered dashboard with your data and financials for your employees or partners.

Best tools

automation between apps, like "for every new gmail email, create a new row in a google sheet"

Like Integromat

Alternative to Yahoo Pipes that shutdown in 2015



PayPal competitor

Ebay switched from PayPal to Adyen:

Tipalti competitor uses

XSplit and possibly Twitch use

Others (most untested)

Acquired by VISA, powered by, a global payment provider and may be worth a look!

Henrik uses

WebMoney - Works where Paypal does not: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and all the countries of the former Soviet Union

David Hendricks works there and can give us a good deal

Divine Souls recommends them

YouTube MCNs


Rule Network
Kamran's "competition" for Freedom!


Partners only big channels and helps them grow bigger

CDS - Collective Digital Studio
Only asks for "View" permissions during partnership application

70% to partner, 15% to Kullyn, 15% to Foreladigital
Kullyn Kretlow - Skype: kretlow1

Travis - Skype: cleverfoxksgn
Bad experience with Quarterlap, Yap, Foreladigital, Zoomintv (zoomin owns MCN that gave it to foreladigital who gave it to Yap who gave it to Quarterlap)

zoomintv takes 10% off the top

MCN blogs

Fullscreen benefits

Fullscreen 10,000 view announcement

Live streaming platforms

Mobile only. Jake recommends for quick audience build-up, but does not work well on a PC

Free calls and messages

Line (Xiaoyu said Japan and Taiwan people use this)
WhatsApp (Facebook bought for $19 billion)
Google Allo
Google Duo

Video platforms

Mike Pyke shared with me

Brand platforms


Ryan Thomson favorite

By creators, for creators.
We are a data-driven platform that connects brands with the world’s most influential content creators on social media.

Index of brand platforms

Jake Cass recommends


Icon Cast
Matches influencers with industry, built by ex-Google staff

Software as a service geared towards influencer & micro-influencer outreach

Grapevine Logic

Matches industry with influencers

Discover games

Connects game developers with YouTubers looking to review games

Feature points
Try free apps, get rewards. (one of our partners left that link in a YouTube Comment)

Can we setup PlayNow links to work with Amazon Affiliate program?

Big Time - Win real money by playing free games on your phone


Extensions API

Twitch bits for donations

Bits originally created by Muxy and embraced by Twitch


Server stats on Carbonitex

Singapore offshore company

Best site I found explaining how Singapore off-shore companies work, their benefits and problems:

Companies get a complete corporate tax exemption if they earn 28 million Singapore dollars per year

Earnout explained

Google Sheet query language

Official docs

Helpful examples

WordPress site transfer

Manual step-by-step

Server hosting

Zhe recommends as the best in class, better than Amazon with newer hardware, but need to setup OS manually

Same new hardware as Linode, but not as good tools and tracking, according to Zhe

The industry standard, but runs older server hardware

Unmetered cloud servers

Paid training

Found by clicking an ad on

https services

Sketch diagrams

Gunjan uses

Text messaging

PaidUp uses

PaidUp uses, less fees than Twilio and sends SMS faster in PH

Vietnam VISA on arrival

Vietnam requires a visa to enter the country. Get it here: 

$25 fee (for fast-track to save time at airport, add another $25)
You are guaranteed entry into Vietnam with your Approval Letter obtained after completing the online form.
When you arrive in Vietnam, the Immigration officers will have your documents ready and will be able to issue you your entry visa quickly.
The same visa can be used for either work or pleasure.

English tools

Video tools

Submit music for promotion with larger channels

Currently, large music channels use an email to collect submissions
Need humans to listen to submissions to have a check if it is commercial music

Steam competitors

Skype competitors

Gunjan recommends



Offers revenue share to backers instead of just perks in-game, not equity like SeedInvest

Team collaboration

Kelly and Sydnie used it for MGN Studios game design

Kids animations

2017-07-07 10m views, many spidermen, nursery rhymes compilation

Music website

Great custom music streaming site (not WordPress) uses it, with 8,000 users!

It takes tracks from Spotify and runs YouTube videos for them. No music is stored on the site, it is streamed from Spotify and YouTube.

YouTube Tips

Creative Insider
YouTube staff sharing updates and interviews other YouTube staff on the show

Video Creators
Tim Schmoyer

Derral Eves

YouTube art


Free mini-Photoshop for designing YouTube thumbnails and banners and see them in mobile size and other sizes

Pick a winner

Jesse aka FrostedFricks uses it to decide who's channel to review first

Google Drive

Shift+Z - Add the Same File to Multiple Folders in Google Drive without Copying

YouTube tools, best in class

Live streaming to multiple platforms at once

Raising money from fan donations

Everybody seems to be using Patreon, like

Channel crawlers

Compose music AI


Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extension "Installed by enterprise policy" - how to remove (or "installed by administrator")


Store common email text that is easy-to-find-and-paste as you write emails

Website builders

YouTube tricks

Resize Minecraft window to specific resolutions like 1280x720


MySQL advanced queries

regexp_replace (for single characters) stored procedure

select 'This works finally!', alphanum('This works finally!');

greatest-n-per-groupGet the top N from a subquery

Allen: The second approach, not the union

How to select the first/least/max row per group in SQL
Well-written article on the subject

Another way

YouTube Tools (can be Freedom! competition)

Distraction-free video watching

Chose not to work with us, but is a valuable service we should offer free to our partners

Similar to Freedom! Academy

Start and stop points UI for YouTube videos in playlists

Heartbeat competitors

Bulk SEO using tag optimizations with common search terms that get views to your videos

YouTube competitors

Freedom! uses it

Freedom! uses it

Doyon uses it

Doyon uses it

Doyon uses it


Wistia competitors

Channel Pages

I tried channel pages and they have a dangerous but interesting feature!

Recommended: Get more offers by adding a link to your Channel Pages profile automatically to your channel:

For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages:

Yes, automatically add this text to the end of the 'About' section of my channel

Yes, automatically add this text to the end of my existing video descriptions

any.TV potential partners

WeVideo competitor

Used by bentpixels

Ditto - Builds custom mobile apps and works with AppleTV

Stefan recommends: Vidiq were speakers at the Google Developers conference

Manages Fortune 500 brands on YouTube

AppleTV competitor


Bent Pixels uses for their music library

any.TV Competitors

Polish focus

Fullscreen creator platform:

Team collaboration

A new style of team wiki - The self-organizing space for your ideas, work, and collaboration.

Content ID companies

Sports live streams

YouTube tools

GUID generator

Channel ID and username (User ID)

Convert Username to Channel ID

# Does not work now?
# Result: No longer available


Will you be together forever?

Xiaoyu found this :-)

Billing platforms

The Complete Client Management, Recurring Billing & Support Solution switched to this platform "We now manage clients from WHMCS platform"

PayPal promises

You are not responsible for unauthorized or incorrect payments made with your PayPal account. 

Payment Gateways uses it, but I could not cancel my Paypal subscription (looking up the invoice ID said "no orders found")

Video effects


Aeon Gold

Live Streaming

Microsoft acquired as a Twitch competitor

Time Tracking

Josh recommends

Website responsiveness and ping

3D benchmark

3D Mark

Desktop GTX770 in George's office
Alienware 17" from Best Buy
Alienware 15" from Best Buy
Alienware 15" from Best Buy before installing latest nvidia drivers

Server hosting

Dual Xeon E5-2670 128GB 2TB SSD


SQL joins explained visually


Ian recommends

Website uptime checker


Make money schemes


Most popular esport games per month. Top games: LoL, Dota2, CSGO, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Smite, StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty 3, World of Tanks, Halo 5, Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter V, World of Warcraft, Rocket League


Lebanon: an IBAN must be used when sending payments to Lebanon. 

One Freedom! partner's wire payment was rejected using his account number, and it succeeded using his IBAN.

Finding and screening developers Tony uses it for Freedom! dev screening based on area, $8,000 / month for US developers, according to Josh from Zoonix


Enhances Discord


YouTube tips

Video Creators - 234k subs

isitebuild - 13k subs

for Musicians

Recommended by Josh from Zencastr

Mobile apps vs. PWA (progressive web apps)

10 amazing web app g ames

Wireframe mockups


nevaly for advertisers: nevaly offers brands creative influencer campaigns, both for gaming and non-gaming products. Amongst the offerings are highly targeted user acquisition campaigns via YouTube influencers who fit the specific target audience. These campaigns can be run both performance based (CPA/CPL) and on strategic branding models. Additionally, the firm executes more in-depth campaigns featuring a storyline and community call-to-actions.

YouTube news channel

Game Guides - mobile app - $10 / mo subscription fee - monthly subscription fee



Built by Post Industria to help save time hunting for senior talent using LinkedIn. They use it themselves to hire developers and have 85 full-time developers.

"Hound" is their companion product, a Chrome extension that helps organize candidates and saves public profile data from LinkedIn to your JobJet account.




Copyright protection

XSplit recommends

Live stream tools

Used by Overwolf

YouTube and Twitch stats

Freedom! PR

$60 million investment

Free songs




Microsoft points!

Game conversion pages



Synchtank chose this

Big data

YouTube 8M

Free indexed database of 8 million YouTube videos with 1,000+ views, categorized into 24 verticals with 4,800 classes and 1.8 million labels

YouTube Sports 1M

1 million sports-related YouTube videos categorized into 500 classes

Cron competitors

Gunjan uses for machine learning


Massive trove of categorized images utilized by researchers to improve machine learning, image understanding, and search functionalities across the web.

Mobile ads



FattMatt uses

TotalBiscuit and EposVox use

Google search tips

PR Agency - PR agency that makes $100M a year revenue - Popular public speaker and face of his own brand

Business articles


Typing speed test

George got 105 WPM on 2016-06-13

New (George tried them all 2016-08-13 and none are good)

Claims partnered with Fullscreen, Stylehaul, Zoomin.TV, 2btube, BBTV, L'Oreal, Whosay, ATV, Entrepreneur

Aggregates many chat services into one

Rocky Senju wrote in Discord to George: u can help ppl with some problem. "peer-to-peer support" , so i can help some freedom partner easly.

Rocky Senju wrote in Discord to George: Many products for review (and u can get them for free on amazon)

For YouTubers and content creators

Uses Google Drive, best-in-class - free image editor

Free VPN (previously just Opera 38 Developer)
Integrates VPN into the Opera browser, must enable in Settings | Privacy

Phong in Vietnam recommends

Not free: but designed to work like a regular user, not a large data center, so more sites will let you in

We should create these for Freedom!

Beautiful and free YouTube channel banners

Free graphics under Creative Commons license

Social marketing agencies

YouTube tools

Upload MP3s as HD videos with a screenshot

Find music in YouTube or Dailymotion videos

Pick a random comment

YouTube dashboard companies

Terms: 5% of net (after paying partners), used by Optimize Group
Team is from Barcelona, Spain and Andy from Optimize speaks directly to their CEO and CTO
user: Andrew.stagg pass: optimize

YouTube networks

Machinima - now gamified!

Connecting brands to influencers

Get free samples for promotion

SkyDoesMinecraft promotes it 1 million views

Exclusive program powered by EA connecting top YouTube gamers directly with the people that make the games they love to play

Free video editors

Supports 1080p in free version and is a compositor

Supports 720p in free version

Windows tips

Install Windows on Chromebook

XSplit competitors

Clickbank affiliate marketing

Rank it and Bank it
Buy the book and membership to learn how to scout Clickbank, use to build a free website that converts the traffic you drive using YouTube

Books recommended

by Donovan

Who (better hiring methods)
Best book Donovan ever read, helped him immensely to revamp Curse hiring that gave clear improvements

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

Google site verification using TXT records in Amazon Route53

Just copy-paste the whole google-site-verification=xxx into a new TXT record

Bulk SEO webapps and software


Top CDN review (talks about WordPress, but applicable to any site)


Lookup country by IP

Bulk insert using temporary tables for better speed

Use consistent data types, like YouTube channel_id

I found an easy way to improve our database speed!

Change all channel_id columns to CHAR(24) UTF8 like this:

ALTER TABLE table_name CHANGE `channel_id` `channel_id` CHAR(24) CHARSET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL;

Queries that joined on channel_id were slow because some tables like "channel_verifications" used "latin1" and most others used "utf8". Also, many used different VARCHAR lengths, like 28, 32 or 64.

All YouTube Channel IDs are maximum 24 characters, although channels can have less, like this one:

(This appears to be a paid subscription channel that is not available in the Philippines)

UTF8 vs UTF8MB4 in MySQL

Raven is using "utf8mb4" in the mcn_channels table because it supports 4-byte UTF8 characters.

"utf8" only supports up to 3-byte UTF8 characters, so if you try inserting, for example, an astral unicode symbol it will fail.

The article above is the best I could find on this subject of utf8 vs utf8mb4 and I recommend we switch to utf8mb4 for any fields that may contain 4-byte UTF8 characters, like YouTube channel titles.


$20 a month, what Ian uses to build our 10 Twitters to 1M total followers

Twitter Audit
Free tool

Tweetadder got blacklisted by Twitter in Jun 2015

I follow roughly 100 people a day, per account, based on keywords. So if people use the words Gamification, Game Mechanics, and so on in a tweet, I  auto-follow them. About 30% of them follow back. The program can be setup to unfollow people after a few days if they don't follow back.

Best YouTube sites

Best movies

Enterprise social network


Send a message privately that will self-destruct after being read once


Securely store your passwords

Your password was likely not compromised, but rather that we got hijacked via a 3rd party integration who we have given permission to post as us. This is the most prevailing vulnerability that exists. Unless you have evidence that we were targeted, blackmailed or similar, it would be the only rational explanation.

On one side, we probably prefer and enjoy using 3rd party integrations that enables us to do more, faster or better. But when you authenticate an application to your social media account you are putting all our trust in someone else’s ability to manage our social network. I am aware we have been experimenting with questionable tools that automate things on our Twitter account, a choice that comes with a risk.

Therefore I don't think an actual password policy will help here, what we need is to take proactive steps in securing our account the best we can, which is far more than adhering to a password policy.

Some general guidelines that I've implemented in other companies:

a) Use separate email accounts per social media network. Since these email accounts won't be used actively, but only exist to resume control of the social media account, they should have 2-step auth enabled, and one person should be in charge of it. Set up secondary email if possible.

b) Use unique passwords on all accounts. Use strong complex passwords (i.e like this: Obviously don't share them with anyone, limit who knows them to a minimum and most importantly: Do not save them in plain text files on your desktop, email, google drive, dropbox. Do not send them via Skype, Messenger or similar. Use to share a password. Store them in a password manager such as LastPass. Don't bother with recycling them, it's a waste of time if you plan on authenticating the account to a number of 3rd party services - which we probably want/have to - that's where the vulnerability lies. If we have a strong password and proper handling, it won't be cracked. It's not worth the effort. Only reason to change these passwords is when a staff member with knowledge of them leaves.

c) Go to Twitter/Facebook/etc, and *carefully* go over the authenticated apps list. I recommend to remove everything, and start over adding one tool at a time. Do not forget to remove apps that you were just 'exploring' or 'trying out'.

d) For the social media team: Identify and review which applications you wish to have integration with, and put them through a security compliance test. Get official statements from the developer on what security level their system is categorized as. Put the apps that pass on an approved list. Let it be known that it is strictly forbidden to deviate from the list.

e) Apply same security measures to all of your own accounts, because if you get compromised it can be used against us.

Keep software up-to-date

Build your website
Recommended by Game Theorists

Music services

Royalty free music for a one-time fee

Allows monetizing covers

AdRev / AudioMicro services

Great developers


Business model: Cut of donations from streamers using Nightbot for managing alerts

Twitch Alerts

Broadcasters get notified whenever someone donates or follows, and the latest donator can be added into the stream as a ticker.

Twitch giveaways
60,000 users

Live stream stats

Product placement


Finance Currency exchange Currency exchange

Mechanical switches

Cherry MX switches
  • Blue is noisiest
  • Brown is less noisy
  • Red is least noisy, needs more pressure on keys
  • Black is least noisy, needs less pressure than Red




Harvard study

Christine Xu uses the liquid form for her whole family (an MLM, but she is a user, not building the business)

Christine uses Reserve
$83 if a member. Membership is $1 for 1 year in Dec 2014 (special price)


Mastering music

Music licensing platform

Used by but charges $0.50 per track, too expensive for high-volume distribution

Created standard music delivery format used by industry

Purchased accounting system for licensing all music
By a company called Core, a small team, the lady built this in-house with a small team

Build a PC computer

Anthony Smith recommends

Video creation

Schedule Twitter, Facebook, Google+


Recover deleted Skype messages accidentally removed

I had to find the file by searching all *.dat files in C:\Users\geva.WPDOMAIN\AppData\Roaming\Skype\george.vanous\chatsync using a text editor that can read binary files

PR and marketing

Carey Martell recommends

Torrent, download, streaming


Learn how to code for free!

Students helping students



Mobile app for Fernanfloo got 2.3 million downloads in first week

850,000 subscribers for one mobile game


Bulk rename files


Good sites

Video hosting


Get credit for all your work


Amazon paid $25 million to buy this social book sharing site because they were driving a lot of sales and Amazon felt they needed to own it

Currency FX Transfer

Best exchange rates, recommended by Mirko

Network Websites

With Zoomin, considering to leave and join Freedom! because Zoomin is not as  reliable and is holding them back

Christian at Alveum shared with me in Skype

Groups of People on YouTube

Virtual Points

Go do these things to get points to get (a) higher chance to win a giveaway (b) watch my live stream for 15 minutes (c) watch 1 video a day for 5 consecutive days

NTFS on Mac using NTFS-3G and MacFuse

Install OSXFuse not MacFuse!

Old one:

You should follow these steps in order to have the latest version of MacFuse:
1) Install - RESTART
2) Install - RESTART
3) Install

Company reviews

Advice to Senior Management – Start to treat employees as human beings.

Gaming brands

With Omnia, partnered Seananners and TheSyndicate


His great thumbanils are from and

Internet TV

Create your own video game store

Automation tools

Anthony @gamemode5 recommends

Image Editors

Used by Mailchimp - the free version is very good, only pay if you want brand-free or high resolution output

Ad-buy Companies

Zoomin uses it

Free Domains

.tk is 100% free to purchase and renew

Online Magazine

Browser extensions

Make your own extension in 2 minutes


Team Tracking

Sean recommends

Spy Gear

Glasses with a hidden 720p camera

Completely free...

Image editor

Video editor

KDenlive  (Linux)

Customer support

Get Satisfaction

Used by Pixlr

Shopping carts

IP Changers

any.TV - IPFUCK - - changes your ip every time you go to a new URL, with this I can successfully bypass your ip check and go straight to the sign up for Wartune, which DOES NOT REQUIRE EMAIL verification. With this and an hour of coding I can make a refresh bot that will go there make an account and then do it over and over etc become rich. 

Ad Sales

YouTube Networks

Screen Wave Media

Partnering all the big YouTubers as Managed



Better cameras

Canon DSLR 5D Mark 2 (or Mark 3) - $2,500
Mikey Borup recommends as the cheap one ($15,000 is the expensive ones in his profession)
Most are not auto-focus (still photos first, video second) 4gb = 12 minutes in SD cards

For green-screen: Nice sharp camera with manual controls
Does not need a large image sensor like a DSLR
Like a Sony Handicam 1080p

Text Editors

Sublime Text

YouTube Network Tools

List all YouTube networks and whether they are subnetworks

List all YouTube networks and whether they are subnetworks

YouTube Tools

Channel Factory


Animated 2D/3D backgrounds

Copy YouTube Playlists

Shane from Creative Nation said you can search for all channels >10,000 subscribers that are not partnered.
Recommended by Martin aka in YouTube Success Skype group created by Marcus Eikenberry
Solid system but YouTube has recently consolidated comment moderation in the Community tab of the Video Manager which replicates a lot of what TubularLabs does and also has the Insights area which is something that TubeularLabs offers. So both of those things you can get on YouTube for free.  

Video Life Cycle
Follows YouTube Terms of Service, no automation

Automated solution by the same team who built VideoLC

Helps automate contests and competitions

Generates a random number

Target large brands and charge thousands of dollars a month

Looks like they offer channel management services, and in the past, targeted bloggers with high-CPM direct ad campaigns

Build My Likes
Spammers promote this service in YouTube comments

Infinite Scroll (to keep visitors on your site)

Boost time-on-site by auto-loading new posts like and Medium

Quartz Magazine - scroll down

Fair Use Arguments

I believe this claim was made in error. This is an original production and transformative work that includes fair use of footage and music originally composed and licenced for the video game in question for the purpose of parody and review.

This video provides comment, news reporting and teaching. All audio is my creation and the additional audio and visuals are used to demonstrate my educational work. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting and teaching.

This is my gameplay and my commentary, all original work using gameplay as fair use to demonstrate my instructional and educational commentary.

I believe this was done by mistake. This video is my gameplay commentary with no additional music added.

Professional design services - forums like xenforo, vbulletin, more

Created MGN eSport! logo

Recommended by DeadStatix, founder of Gaming Ordinance, a YouTube gamer's network

Online Meetings

Music Copyright and Distributions

New company by Ryan Born after exiting AdRev

Another competitor

Newer competitor than Tunecore

Tyler recommends for its 0% distribution fee (just flat annual rate)

CD Baby takes 9%
The Orchard takes 15%
Ingrooves takes 15%

CD Baby partnered with and competitor

Charge 15% flat?
Janis Dzenis aka JD from DeepMixNation recommends

Kevin Vieira from Defib Records recommends

For $600 per year, they distribute all your and your partner's music to:

  • Beatport
  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Pandora
  • 250+ other stores

And you get ISRC bar codes for free.

YouTube Music labels
Powered by Freedom!
by BroadbandTV

Minecraft Servers


Minecraft Tips

Resize window to 1280x720 or 1920x1080

Go to your minecraft folder
Windows: %APPDATA%/.minecraft
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Open up options.txt with your favourite text editor
Search for overrideWidth and overrideHeight – this is not settable in game but can be changed within this file. This is where you’ll set your dimensions on how big you want Minecraft to open
If you want to open Minecraft at 720p, the dimensions are 1280×720. If you want to open it at 1080p, the dimensions are 1920×1080.
So now that you’ve got your dimensions set – everything should be fine and dandy – right? Not quite. Unfortunately, your operating system will add menus and borders around the game which means your game is actually smaller than the size that you set. For Mac, you need to add 22 pixels to the height. For PC, you’ll need to add 16 to width and 38 to height or 1936×1113.

Dedicated Web Servers

German hosting that powers Coca-Cola and other high-profile clients (have the best network connections and uptime money can buy)
Pablo recommends. We use them to run our 2,000-slot Minecraft server. Excellent performance and ping globally.
$85 a month for a dedicated 32gb RAM, Core i7 3770K with 4tb HD and unlimited bandwidth

NFO Servers
Josh Gagen recommends as one of the biggest hosting companies for gaming
E3-1270v3: The latest technology from Intel: Haswell, with plenty of RAM and an SSD
Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 processor (four physical 3.5ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo->3.9ghz)
32 GB DDR3-1600 ECC memory
240 GB SSD and 2000 GB, 7200 RPM SATA hard drive
12000 GB of InterNAP bandwidth

Cloud servers - Social Blade likes it

Realtime Analytics

Enable GPU in Adobe Premiere and After Effects for 400% faster renders

Also enable multi-CPU for rendering in almost half the time

Email tools

Shows all emails you subscribed to, easy to unsubscribe, also rolls up newsletters into a single summary, iOS only as of 2016-08-10

Send emails, avoid spam box

Free tier, Allen found

$59 one-time payment, upgrades free until next major release 1.x 2.x

Free for 200 emails a day
Emails sent by Sendgrid have a good chance to get "Important" tag in Gmail (according to Nick)
Everyone trusts Sengrid so emails won't go into spam (according to Nick)

Every email has an "opt-out" link so emails should not go into spam

By mailchimp

Constant Contact

Naked Domain to www Redirect

Web File Managers

Top 10


Pydio (previously known as AjaXplorer)

Migrate Website


Live Person or Face


Echosign competitor

Marcus uses them, and they give legal advice on documents as part of their $200 / year fee

Best electronic signing service by Adobe

Web design tips

Content Creator Monetization Services


Budget Laptop

Acer Aspire E1 531 2438
Gunjan recommends because it has almost 5 star rating for $350

YouTube tools

YouTube Direct
Open source project to allow users to submit their videos to your playlist

Raising Money

Keep only if you reach (or exceed) your target

Keep everything you earn



Hi Bodil40!

My name is Alyssa and I am a Campaign Manager for TubeStart. I wanted to tell you about our site, TubeStart. It is a crowdfunding site specific to online video creators. Because you are such a popular creator on YouTube, we think you have a great opportunity raise a lot of money for your channel. Our platform allows your subscribers and followers to donate to your channel so you can buy more equipment, fund your other videos, or make a living from your channel. 

If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact me at
Visit our site too at

I hope to hear from you soon!

Alyssa Park
Campaign Manager

Connects startups with investors. Most of the Austin investment groups like Central Texas Angel Network and Bayer use it. It is not like Kickstarter (there is no support for giving money).

Give Forward
Raise money for medical expenses

YouTube Links

Vanity links - get

Cloud Translation Services


Christian recommends

Google Hangout

Business Pitch Decks

Reeves says it took him two weeks to raise the $6.1 million round.

Create your online newspaper in minutes.

Create Websites

White label, $85 / mo for 250 websites

Used to create

Steve used this to create the new Divine Souls website

Sending Big Files

Intel Quick Sync for Encoding Video


Mobile generators

Music visualization

Audio React
v1.0 used by any.TV Music in its early days

1.0 and 2.0

Electronic Signatures and Legal Documents

by Adobe

Untested, looks professional


Rippln gained 1,000,000 free users in less than 3 months, a new record

It took Twitter 24 months to get to 1,000,000 free users... 
It took Pinterest 20 months to get to 1,000,000 free users... 
It took Foursquare 13 months to get to 1,000,000 free users... 
It took Facebook 10 months to get to 1,000,000 free users... 

Logitech G600

G600 mouse jumps

Download latest G600 drivers

PR Companies

Used by Matthew Gielen <> to promote his wife's book and was very happy with the results

Storyboarding and Creative Writing



Why the Lean Start-Up changes everything:


Psychology of color

Good article with "What Colors Mean to Users" and "Examples of Colors in Big Companies Sites"

Color emotion guide using over a hundred popular logos

YouTube Tools

Notify when uploads to a YouTube channel

MySQL Tools

Construct SQL in code

Doing transaction queries (all or nothing with rollback on failure)


sqlyog, best commercial product

second-best commercial product


➜♫↗➚ ‹ › « » · ➔ ➨ ☆ ☉ ☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☺ ☻ ♋

For Gamers

RAM drive for gamers

VPN for gamers to get lower ping times


Brian's company (previously

Best one, and free if you write a review - see

Duncon uses it
Silently installs ad-ware - "Just look at your firewall if you don't believe it" -michael.b

Publicly marketed as "Get Hulu from Hulu-blocked countries"

Game Developers

Recommended by Jason Weathers, CEO | Founder at EZ System Repairs

8-bit pixels (sp?)
Recommended by Michael Rangstrup

White widget
Recommended by Ninz in PH

Game Development Notes

  • Addictive, like EverQuest and World of Warcraft
  • "I need to play, the game is always on my mind, even the music repeats in my head" like Civ5
  • Just one more turn, like Civ5
  • No grind, game starts at level 1, very happy to play again, like Civ5
  • Variety, like every new Civ5 game, or like rolling your character in D&D
  • Chess-like rules to min-max each turn, like Civ5
  • Difference between good and great chess players (i.e. must be trained or naturally think outside the box to reach higher play skill levels, not just one master strategy), like Civ5 and chess
    • George: Remember when I played a chess champion, a younger woman in San Francisco - I thought I was doing well and got my ass handed to me at end-game (she was toying with me!)
    • Civ5: Immortal difficulty (I can beat this some of the time) and Deity (I cannot beat this in Gods & Kings expansion)
  • Global ranks, like e-sports, each player in Bronze, Silver, Diamond categories, like StarCraft 2


  • Run simulations based on your gameplay - how much better or worse could it have been?
    • eg: I feel beating Huge map on King level is very difficult, and I felt one game with the Yellow War Elephants was perfect - am I right?
  • Others have done X
    • eg: Maps can be as played by others to see how well you can do given the same starting conditions

Web Hosts

Recommended by Taylor as fastest Xenforo-hosted servers at $120/mo (also WordPress and others), just one guy that allows unlimited database connections (what took down the shared server and asked Stratics to move)

Now used by Stratics, an empty dedicated server for $150/mo

YouTube Tools

Notify by SMS when new youtube video uploaded




WordPress security

Gabriel recommends

WordPress Plugins Commercial

60% off membership on appsumo
I paid $235.20 for 1 year ($19.60 a month) where the normal price is over $40 a month for 1 year of $99 a month for month-to-month
Note: Cancel immediately after purchase, otherwise you will be billed almost $600 for the next year. Canceling gives you full access until the anniversary. The only negative to canceling is if they choose to raise prices and offer no coupons when it comes times to renew (which is unlikely).

WordPress Domain Mapping Plugins


WPMU domain mapping

Buddypress Themes


BuddyPress Plugins



Group Email

BuddyPress Tips

BuddyPress success stories

Make YouTube videos responsive

iframe, video, img {
  max-width: 100%;
  min-height: auto;

WordPress Themes

60 great, free responsive themes

Thesis, Catalyst, Genesis

WordPress Hosts

WP Engine
CDN, curated plugins and themes, 15 millisecond page load times, $30 / month

  • A Staging Area - for testing plugin and theme updates and uploads before making them live on site
  • Built-in CDN - for faster loading web pages by offloading static images and other files.
  • Website Hacking Protection - WP Engine will fix your website for free if it is ever hacked.
WP Engine disallowed plugins

DreamPress by Dreamhost
No Multisite support, no CDN, no staging area
Varnish cache, two VPS servers (web and MySQL), isolated and hand-tuned for WordPress, supports all themes and plugins

More hosts:

WordPress Plugins



Recommended by W3 Total Cache. Includes XML sitemap. For Google News sitemap, get sister plugin.

Google News sitemap plugin extension for WordPress SEO



WP Touch



W3 Total Cache

WP Super Cache


WordPress Themes

Top 10 Bootstrap themes


Great choice of linking phrases or words that many readers will want to know more about
Good presentation of "what's new" at Mailchimp


Informative, good charts, helps first-time readers catch up on why mobile is important



Learn. Fast.

Big ideas first

Wikipedia is good at this, but not great (eg: should start with "people remember chunks of 7, why phone numbers are 7 digits long")


If you prove you know something, hide that. Show only what you don't know

Game Creators

Paper Li

Job Sites




PDF Editor

Allows simple annotations, like insert graphics, to create new PDFs

PDF Editor

Photo and Video Tools

Better light for cell phone photos and videos

Maker Studios YouTube Networks

"Apply" goes to a co-branded

Vidcast also promotes any.TV!


Redlight Broadcasting

Mobile phone car windshield holder

Charlie Wetmore uses it to have Skype video calls while driving, and it works well

Audio Monetization

Philippine airlines

What is my IP

Fast, simple


XSplit recommends



Download any TV series in any quality, historical or latest episodes

Same but for movies


Bed & Breakfast

Most-converting clicks

Everything is A/B tested, size of icons, order, colors and so on
40% of business for convincing people to set as homepage and search from it

Job Descriptions

Web Video

Used by CometChat 5

Used by ArrowChat

Video Creators

Cool Products

Database of People and Places

Community-curated database of well-known people, places and things

Conversion Pages

Scarlet Blade by Aeria Games
Also the video after signing in with Facebook


Shared whiteboard, works on ipad, Brian recommends

whitelabel for $30-$100 a month

Google Chrome Extensions

Ultimate YouTube Downloader - Download YouTube videos

Save window position and tabs

Capture webpage as image, even scrolls to bottom

Works for YouTube videos that Google Chrome and Firefox plugins can't download

Add "pwn" in front of any YouTube URL to download YouTube videos
The bookmarklet uses an interesting service: Yahoo YQL to create download links to YouTube videos

YouTube Options (no longer works)
Download YouTube videos




Free and open source




TV Shows

The Good Wife
Recommended by Henrik

Recommended by Henrik


Window Sizer



Machinima uses them to sign up as a Machinima Live partner - see linked from

Copy/Paste Tricks

Try copy and pasting anything from this page


URL Shorteners

Free, simple PHP MySQL url shortener that works


Works in YouTube channel website icons
Does not work in YouTube channel website icons



Free international calls, recomended by Raji

Customer Support

Brian recommends it

Used by Bent Pixels
Supports auto-notifying partners that don't sign in for 30 days
Ole likes how often Awesomeness TV kept emailing them (doesn't feel like spam)

Used by any.TV

Used by N4gtv

Recommended by Marcus

Used by Vexxhost



MMO Data

Affiliate Tracking

Gamigo - - switched from HasOffer to Effectus (it was cheaper and feature-equivalent)

Recommended by Motive Interactive (only software it support importing its offers to using a wizard)


Awesome radio station!
Main criticism: I cannot seek forward or backward in the song

Suppression Lists

Recommended by Direct Track

Unsub Central
Recommended by HasOffers



Professional Directories


Enable masspay
  • Create a PayPal business account
  • Verify your email
  • Link a bank account
  • Call 1-888-215-5506 and ask PayPal support to enable masspay on your account

Confirmed my address
Asked me when I bought a property?
Which city has never had an association with you? sisseton
Which streets are you not associated with? 3 streets
Which people are you associated with? 3 names

Greeting Cards

Friend of Nathan Lands founded this company

Greeting card Nathan sent me on 2013.01.18

Affiliate Companies

Affiliate YouTube Networks

Cross-Browser Testing

Crowd-sourced testing

Also, Microsoft released many virtual PC images for older IE browser testing that are freely available

WordPress Developers

If you post a job for USD$50, your inbox will be completely flooded with offers to help from folks with all levels of experience--not just private developers, but folks who have entire development teams. The work will be cheaper, it will be completed faster, and you can pay project-by-project instead of providing a full salary. Very top-notch development companies there who work quickly and for very little.


Google's public free captcha service

Arrange an image, impossible to script

Used here

Professional Services

eg: voice actors for $5 - Mike Kukuris recommended

Bug Tracking

Business Plan


My dad bought the Samsung Galaxy Note equivalent for $200 (normally costs $600)

Also 6 inch screen (vs. 5.5" for Galaxy Note 2 and 5.2" for Note 1)

Accept Credit Cards and use it to purchase monthly subscription for push service - amazing GUI!

Upgrade My Browser

Load Test
Free upto 250 simultaneous users. Recommended by CloudFlare

Javascript ES6 vs ES5 performance

Webpage Speed



Your Social Network

Toyota uses it

Chatter competitor


SQLyog and MONyog, extremely useful MySQL tools


Gamification, and more

Live Support

Build Your Own Social Network

Build Your Own Website

Video capture

A/B Testing and Landing Pages

Animated Image (and Static Image) Editor


Twitter with 15 second video, not 144 characters


Henrik recommends


Free and open source


Modern web 2.0, slick design

Screen Sharing

Join Me

Mobile screen sharing

Screen sharing using Java for sender, anyone can see

Easy screen sharing

Cloud Servers

Rudy Desjardin's company with custom-built virtualization and fully managed services with 24 hour hotline support for emergencies and 9-9 EST for normal requests.

Rails-optimized hosting

Amazon EC2
Uses Singapore data center to keep data out of US servers, and it is faster than Tokyo in the US than any other non-US data center

Full managed web server hosting for huge sites like

Recruiting and Sales Tools

Free plan lets you setup "business processes" that let you, with one click, send emails 

Customer Support

Project Management Tools

Business Tools

Using Google Groups as a Collaborate Inbox for Customer Support



When is a door not a door? When it is ajar.

Airplane Tickets

Searches all major sites as pop-ups (saves you time from going to each one manually)

Xiaoyu thinks is the cheapest

Best-implemented website

Cool negotiation feature where you set your price after a search (and William Shatner is cool)


Free, no registration required

Learn Languages

Spanish, German, French

Time Tracking

All Top-Level Domains

Survey all websites using WordPress, other CMS's, server-side languages, and so on

Buy Premium Domains

YouTube News

YouTube 2.0 - Curating, not creating, content
Read Dror's quote about the secret sauce for YouTube 2.0

BroadbandTV News

Huffington Post
BBTV keeps 40% according to a recruiter

Virtual Assistant


Wish We'd Known: 20 Things No One Told Us About Having an Affair


4 Types of Sex to Avoid (No Matter How Good it Feels)

Domain Tools

Find a domain

Check a domain

Traffic counter

Traffic Generators


Infographics Tools

Posture at the Office

Great reminders for those sitting in a chair all day.

My favorite: 20/20/20 rule

Web Development Services

$25 per tweak, no hourly rates or finding skilled developers!


Names for My Children

Avi (Aviendha)


Click tracking

Neel recommends

Music Libraries

Aggregates all music from bloggers, soundcloud and other places

Mail Merge


Mail Merge

In a blank Google spreadsheets

Tools | Script gallery...

Search for: mail merge

Install: Yet Another Mail Merger

If this is not available, this one does the same thing:

Install: Edited another Mail Merger

You will see  a "Mail Merge" menu next to "Help" (takes 5-10 seconds to appear, no need to refresh the browser)

Create column names for each substitution, like "name" and "channel"

The "Email Address" column is the recipient's email

The email template is a Draft or a Canned Response (if you have that Google Labs feature enabled) that uses $%name% format for substitutions

After running, Mail Merge creates an "Email Sent" column with a status for every email

More mail merge tools




Email Marketing Newsletters

Used by and

Very well supported by 3rd parties


Find activities near you



All-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses, handling everything from signup to termination.

Web Games


2D Action MMO in HTML5 and WebSockets, featured by Mozilla!

Incentivized Social Marketing

Project Management

Reporting and Dashboards

Video uploaders


Business Tips

Seven Ways to Get Your Unmotivated Workers Off Their Butts

How employee incentives can backfire

Ask yourselves the following:

What's your role as a manager?
What are your skills and strengths?

What type of team we want to have?
What are the skills that you want as part if your team?

What makes a productive, invigorating and fun environment?

Everyone aspires to greatness. We need to listen to our team more carefully. We need to know 

What & How do they want to contribute?
What they think are their strengths?
What is fun for them?

A recent Harvard study indicates that:

If people are not fully expressive in their unique strengths, they lose self esteem: 
20% of people are actively dis-engaged in what they do and many are punching the clock. 

Now I want you to think about everyone that reports to you and think about how you have interacted with them in the past. 
Do you listen to them? Do you ignore them? Do you actively try to find strengths in them? Do you properly criticize them?

I would like you to create a Google Doc with the list of all the people that report to you. Please create a column describing your relationship with them including how often you have ignored, criticize and encouraged them and how?
Please add another column writing about your strategy working with your team moving forward. 

I would like us to have a leadership meeting discussing this on Thursday. 

We need to improve our corporate culture. We need to be motivate and encourage our staff a lot more. This is not done by just through creating incentive packages. 

They need to feel that their voice is heard, they are listened to and that they are truly part of the team. 

Cross-promotion to get free users for your games


Indie game developers

600 indie game developers apply each year, and ~20 get picked to share in the IndieMegabooth at conventions around the world, including in Kyoto, Japan

Connects investors, marketers, publishers, and influencers with game developers.

Incubator for Indie games

Mark: As a gamer, the best games are on Kongregate
Mark: As a developer, best support with guides and APIs for mobile (warning, takes 3 months to convert to HTML5), for Unity, for Flash, and more
Mark: Great experience
Easier to get featured on their homepage
Works one-on-one with promising developers

Community hub for Unity, HTML5 and Flash games where indie developers upload to get feedback and promotion from the ocmmunity

Distributes your games to other sites and pays you a rev share from all

Random Winner Pickers

Pick winner from YouTube comments

Pick a random number

Diagrams and Charts



Sell Your T-Shirts online - website is down :-(
Cheaper than Spreadshirt, higher margin for seller, cheap shipping price (they are in Canada)

Streaming TV episodes

What Changed

Love the "under the hood" graphic

Windows 7

Process Explorer

TCPView - What processes are using Internet bandwidth

DU-Meter - Graphical view of total Internet or Network traffic (does not show processes)

Remove hibernation file


Gameplay Recorder

Window Macro Recorder

Free, open-source, can even override Chrome Ctrl+Shift+Q to do nothing only in Chrome (it closes all Chrome instances)

Free download (expires eventually?)


Free, powerful, but complicated

Hard Drive does not spin up

Other than power supply problems, stiction (static friction) is the usual cause of a hard drive's failure to spin. The drive heads become stuck to the platter and the motor can't overcome the sticking force.

To fix this problem, the platters must be rotated with enough force to free the heads. Twisting the drive violently in the same horizonal plane as the heads will usually free them. The inertia of the heavy platters tends to keep them from moving while the heads are moved around them.

If the problem is just "stiction" (or "sticky friction")involving the platter spindle and bearings, take the HDand slam it flat on to a mouse pad...just once.

A freezer, sharp rap, drop it.

You can try freezing it, probably won't help but there is a small chance it may.

I opened up the bad drive and very *gently* nudged the arm until the drive began to function again

Boot when Windows won't Boot

Boot into Knoppix (an alternate and free Operating System)

How to recover your folders/files when Windows won’t boot

Google sites

If/Then automation

Password tools

Learning Education

Live events and conferences


* Mentor Exchange

Client management, billing and support

Urban Dictionary

Every word or name, defined!
(try "george" or "upperdecker")

Video Format Converter

Internet Speed Test

George's speed on Sep 13, 2011
George's Android tethered with wi-fi hotspot on Sep 18, 2011

$17.9 million just for saying, "I do"

Spam generators

Fake Money

Email sent from someone I know (how do they do this?) so it looks legitimate at first glance

its difficult to handle all the financial pressure I refused to keep living that way this was my ticket to a new life ... its ironic how the tables have turned just trying to look out for you
Dont say I never help anyone!

Band Camp

YouTube playbook


Shahnez (child development program, comes check on Aviendha every couple months) said she buys cables, parts, things that Future Shop charges $50 she buys for $5. It comes, but takes 3 weeks to arrive.


Extremely detailed tips on Civilization 5 strategies

Phishing and scams

Get free PayPal money added to your account

Spams in YouTube comments links to this site, like on our very-popular MW3 video

Real-time tracking with heat maps

Webcam software

Awesome effects, and free!
To remove ManyCam watermark, uncheck Text over video > Show logo

Six Pack Shortcuts

Spam survey (looks like YouTube)

Tries to get your cell phone number (probably to charge you for delivering crap)

Create a Store

Amazon Web Store 2.0

Make Money

(as a CloudFlare App)

What Time is it Around the World Right Now?

Customize your own Barbara Streisand song

It could become popular, like this one

This one is created by TGN Director andrew lichty


Game developer database

Portal 2

Next generation marketing campaign
Other Indie Games were clues that ended in "buy Portal 2"
Each indie game purchase helped push Portal 2 closer to launch

See how many people are playing Portal 2

Custom toolbar (not by Conduit)

Claims to be the funniest movies (clicked a Google ad)

Name your Price!

^-- Shows after uninstalling DU-Meter

Like with William Shatner as your negotiator!

WoW pandemic

Emergent gaming

Like Minecraft!


YouTube Competitors

Potential scams and Ponzi schemes

Bhanoob tried them and others said it is a Ponzi scheme

Best of Bad

Woman in the UK let her 4-year-old die of malnutrition while she herself ate well

Skype notes

Skype group spamming too much?

Type: /alertsoff to not have it ping you for new group message 
Then type: /alertson Flammy flammy5 clash 
To make those keywords "alert" works where it DOES notify you

Money Making Ideas To Learn From

Give them your email and look at what they send you, an impressive copy promoting a $400 purchase

Noah Kagan founded AppSumo, but he was fired from Facebook - see

Spelling bee

curiosity (not curiousity)

Best life lessons

If you found a company, create a shareholders agreement where you are king and cannot have minority shareholders create trouble.
eg: I learned on 2015.09.22 that one of my minority shareholders wanted to sue me for my choice of personal compensation, but another shareholder convinced him to try to sell his shares instead.

Video ads one-page conversion

Torrent sites

Private trackers: eg: invite only

Porn advertising

Survey with "hot-or-not" style questions

Also sends you to:

Get Rich Quick schemes


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vicky <>
Date: Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 3:07 AM
Subject: Is $500 a day enough?


Listen, I know $500 a day isn't going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

But, it adds up pretty quickly...

In fact, that's $2500 a week, with weekends off... extra $10,000 per month and everything is done for you.

If you want more free time and you think $500 a day ($10,000 a month) is enough for you...


Thank us later.

Click here to unsubscribe from future mailings.
Or write to us at: 7500 W. Lake Mead Blvd. 9-463, Las Vegas, NV. 89128

Good schools in Manila, Philippines

Joe Cruz: Here's a shortlist of some very reputable schools around Metro Manila (all have elementary schools):

Ateneo de Manila (boys) (my alma mater)

International School Manila (coed) (ISM)
- very good school and lots of the kids are children of diplomatic staff, foreign corporate execs, etc.

Xavier School (boys)

Assumption College & Elementary School (girls)

Brent International School (coed)
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