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WP Direct

This is kinda the cadillac ... you get 3 free blogs (lifetime), then various packages for a monthly fee to handle more blogs and provide more content-generation services. It can get very pricey, but with 3 free blogs you can sign up and see for yourself what it does and how it does it. It enables you to manage a bunch of blogs from a single control panel, but you ttreat the blogs as individuals, I think. Not sure. You can add your own blogs or it can create blogs for you, install & activate the plug-ins, set the theme, do all the SEO stuff etc with a range of plugins and a lot of themes to choose from. It also allows you to automate content creation, pulling content from a variety of (legitimate) places. .

About 2000 people used this in an exercise called the "30 day challenge" and more than 1000 of them got to a page 1 position for their main keyword BUT the keywords were probably very uncompetitive. 

Al and I had multiple blogs using this at one time, but automated content wasn't enough to create rankings and traffic, and we didn't have the link-building firepower we have these days.

We own this, haven't used it yet, basically it's the inferior (and cheaper) cousin of wpmanagerdx, below. Cpanel only, and all blogs must be on one server.

This is the ultimate mass installer ... 1000 blogs per hour! Beloved by black-hatters. Probably lousy for any kind of blog management but I honestly haven't even looked at it.  I thought the sheer volume potential might amuse you.

This has a good reputation, and apparently people like it because it keeps track of what's been happening. Again, I think it 's cpanel only and again, all blogs must be on the same server. 


I watched (and downloaded) a webinar that was promoting this, and the link to the software was:

The guy behind it has a good reputation. 

This is the system that:
a) Does the keyword research
b) Let's you choose which domains to go after 
c) Gets the domains (not sure of the details of this, or what price they charge, but of course they'll have a bulk purchase deal.)
d) Creates the blogs and sets them up for effective SEO
e) Creates content on an ongoing basis
f) Builds links for as long as you're a member

It's $297 to get in, then $97/month plus domain registration. 

Their premise is, $2 - $3 per day per blog (eventually) from adsense income.

Now, Alwyn and I manage about 20 pure-adsense blogs with keywords that would probably fit their criteria for number of searches and all-in-title competition, which we've driven in about 3 months to a point where several of them have page 1 rankings in Google for at least 1 keyword. Of the 20, 5 of them are now making more than $0.25 a day, the two best performers are at $1 a day, the next is at 66 cents a day. 

We're very confident that if we stayed with adsense and continued link-building then all, or at least most of the blogs will eventually make $0.25 a day, but not that they'll make $2 a day.

So, we don't believe this company's earnings premise.
But we can confirm their rankings premise ... with unique content, page 1 rankings are consistently do-able with the appropriate keyword research and link-building. We're not sure where their content comes from but I'm assuming it'll be automated from RSS feeds, Yahoo answers etc. Legitimate. Might have a good impact, might not. 

However,.. $0.25 a day per blog does seem genuinely do-able for at least the majority of the blogs. Maybe 75%.

So: if we built a steady 40 blogs a month, assuming $10 per domain, which is an unfounded assumption ... assuming blogs made the target $0.25 per blog per day after 4 months ... we'd probably see break-even in about 6 or 7 months, a monthly income of $1800 a month or so after a year, and we'd probably be as deep as $700 or $800 in the hole before seeing the monthly income make a dent in the accumulated expense. 

Of course, if it worked, we'd probably use some portion of the positive cash flow to accelerate the rate of blog generation and we'd outsource the whole process. 100 blogs a month would translate to a delta adsense income of $750 a month if the assumptions are true.

The vulnerabilities include, Google can change the adsense program, at whim. 
Now realistically, these blogs could each make MUCH more than $0.25 a day from affiliate or CPA offers or lead-gen if they were well-ranked ... so you wouldn't simply throw away their income potential if Google dropped adsense but the time associated with monetizing each blog would move from a couple of minutes to an hour or two or more. 

Another vulnerability ... if Google a) found a footprint and b) decided to punish blogs with that footprint. So page 1 rankings became page 10 rankings and the $0.25 per day became $0.25 per month.

So ... intriguing, and maybe worthwhile, but not an automatic home run. 
If the same $800 - $1000 was used to fund our own info product (ebook, graphics, selling blog, unique blog content, autoresponder series, all outsourced) , to be sold using a model that involved building a list, we could instead net perhaps $500 - $1500/month, and have a list that was immune to Google; and, for $800 to $1000 a month, add a new info product every month, and start a new list. And the sites would have asset value ... a site/business consistently producing $500 a month could be sold for $5000 to $15,000. But building info products and sites, even though 90% outsourced, would not be hands-off like the adsense opportunity.