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shivers down the spine

game_of_thrones s07e01

16:12 "yesterday's wars don't matter anymore. the north needs to band together. all the living north"

16:21 "will you stand beside me, Ned and Alice, now and always?" "now and always"

54:07 Daenerys comes home to Dragonstone
59:43 "shall we begin?"


Daenerys takes back Meereen and Jon fights the battle of the bastards, one of the most moving episodes ever seen.


It does not get better than this


The entire season is a masterpiece dealing with control by fear, the price of freedom, and many other important reminders

24.Legacy.S01E12.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-RARBG.mkv 28:29

That drive inside, it's a gift and it's a curse. It will eat you alive if you don't deal with it ... Deal with it? ... Go where it leads you.

George: Drink deeply what you found that drives you


George: The whole 2-part episode is a masterpiece

King Roan: Declares war because Kane is not completely honest
Clark: Her biggest secret is released, and Jaha rewords it so everyone accepts
O: This main character dies (we are led to believe)

George: whole episode is amazing and surprising

The.Avengers.2012.1080p.Bluray.DTS.x264-EbP 1:26:04
It is in your nature

George: Remember the scorpion and the fox that must swim across the river together to survive and the scorpion stings the fox halfway across. Same quote. 31:18
Because they can

George: Also in Farscape, a powerful speech by Aeryn Sun about why a powerful being is cruel. Because I can.


33:45 Taking a life should never be easy. I hope it is not easy for you. Your humanity is your greatest strength. But sometimes, we need a different kind of strength. We need to survive. Then we can all find our humanity again.

36:44 Who you want to be does not always win.

39:37 You can't save someone who does not want to be saved. (same was repeated earlier in the episode)

Great episode, creative solutions to tough problems, also faith misguided

Strong episode, many ideas about faith misguide

star.trek.enterprise.s04e06.1080p.bluray.x264-greenblade 41:01
Perfecting humanity may not be possible. Cybernetics. Artificial lifeforms. Might take a generation or two.

George: Discovers his life work for the first time

the.island.2005-septic 1:25:43
Don't let me go, Lincoln! I got you.

George: Save each other

Transformers Dark Of The Moon 2011 1080p BluRay x264 SECTOR7 2:14:58

George: Hero comes to the rescue 21:57
Boyd is an agent of the devil and Christine is the daughter of the devil

George: metaphor for human potential 6:54
Priest starts giving a peaceful eulogy but turns angry

George: great music, opposite of what is intended, works entirely on emotion
We are stronger together

George: Proximity to a catalyst brings out strength and power only together

Clarity at 3:40 and 5:43 23:44
It's that time of day when she relives her death

George: Boyd is many things, but he truly loves this woman

But she only wants to see him suffer, see 38:29 for clarity

Story started in

Earth is destroyed, humans are hunted to the last, how do they survive?

George: There is always a solution

Archer misdirects Daegra with a very creative simulation

George: Clever ideas

What happens when who you were comes out for the worst

George: Memory loss can be a bad thing

Your parents loved you very much

George: Reminds us of the power of family and misguided family

6:35 Complete transformation of the robot to a human woman
34:23 Because we can (starts at 34:15) similar to Farscape "Because I can" quote by Aeryn Sun

George: People can change

31:52 That is when even a single individual can change the course of history

George: I also believe that

28:36 Or maybe it was a wholly impractical, completely illogical, compassionate act of kindness.

George: Good "speech of three" example with that quote being the punch line

Alternate universe plot

George: Meet yourself in an alternate timeline

28:51 I am not your friend (strong negative speech follows) 

George: Trying to convince you hate a person in order to save them (so they go, similar to Richard and his Gar in the Sword of Truth book 2)

Time loop (repeat the same day)

George: Foreshadow events in future episodes and seasons

Travel 600 years into the past to Earth today

robin.hood.s01e13.720p.hddvd-hv 5:55
This is suicide!

George: Give it all, all-in, even to the death

The.100.S02E11.1080p.10bit.BluRay.5.1.x265.HEVC-MZABI 36:32

(music) With an empire of our own

George: Realizing a new direction

The.100.S02E11.1080p.10bit.BluRay.5.1.x265.HEVC-MZABI 38:16

The grounders trust Clark. Maybe we should, too.

George: How one comment can change the opinion of a leader

The.100.S02E11.1080p.10bit.BluRay.5.1.x265.HEVC-MZABI 40:22

How does this help my brother? I just told him we have a secret army. The more they are looking at us, the less they are looking at him.

George: misdirection with a purpose


Al Bundy has Pamela Anderson and another hot girl in bed (in his dreams)


Funniest episode, by George


Full episode is amazing

Stargate Universe

The ship went into the sun - so any emotions and meaning


Nikita s03e01
Great episode end-to-end

Felt like two movies, so much happened
36:02 Caring for someone (Nikita drugged Michael) but being wrong to do it
31:35 Lies, brainwashing that turn people (Yuri, thinking Alex was lied to)
17:57 The second you showed your face I knew I was dead tonight (smart)

I am Alexandra Udinov and this is your reward

You were right. If only I had listened to you five years ago (impossible, he would not have "known" what he knows now and it would not have been for the right reason and the wrong time)

Lost s06e09

Make a deal with the devil
Then make a new deal, and change your mind 30 years later
Beautiful love story
Beautiful good vs evil, mutual respect and understanding among opponents

Lost s06e11

Only when you are ready
What do you want from life?

Lost s06e17-18

The end is not the end

Recommended TV shows


Breaking Bad

Top game TV shows


One of the highest-rated game TV shows today, hosted by the beautiful Morgan Webb (wonder if that was her last name at birth)

^-- Good example of a product review