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Which is best? (Fallon)

--vBulletin and MyBB: Personal Favorites--

There has been a lot of discussion about vBulletin’s looming decline, but I still have a favorable opinion of the software.  I own two vB4.x licenses and my experience has been positive. Personally, I do not regret migrating from phpBB and XMB Forums to vB4.x.  (Though, I can confirm that WordPress is much better than vBulletin's new CMS).

I’m also a big fan of MyBB, as it reminds me a lot of vBulletin. MyBB’s ACP is slightly less robust than vBulletin, but in terms of stability, scalability, and available mods, I consider it virtually commercial grade.

--IPB: Another Good Option--

I hear that you are looking at IPB.  Although I have only tried the demo, it appears to be a very good option.  I noticed that Adam D. of UOForums was selling an IPB license, so I talked to him about his experience with the software.  He said that he prefers IPB over vBulletin, but he complained that the ACP was somewhat limiting. Overall, he said that his first choice would be MyBB, followed closely by IPB.

--Xenforo: Uncertain Future--

Xenforo certainly shows promise, but there have been a lot of complaints regarding XF-imposed restrictions. There is an ongoing discussion on The Admin Zone ( entitled, “The Problem with Xenforo -Telling Admins How to Run Their Forums.” Also, XF is currently embroiled in an intellectual property dispute with vBulletin. I’m not saying that XF is a bad option, but I would need to do a lot more research before recommending this software.

--phpBB: Stable, but Non-Intuitive--

I’m not a big fan of phpBB’s ACP, but it is a stable, scalable, and free option.

Any of the options above are likely to have bridges for WordPress. If you need another person to bounce ideas off of, I’m available on Skype in the evenings. 

--myBB scalability--

I also asked around regarding MyBB's scalability to a community with 2 million posts.  Another admin linked me to some more advanced MyBB plugins developed by MyBB's former lead developer, which aim to maximize MyBB's stability/scalability.  These are available here:

Apparently, these plugins have allowed some very large communities to run MyBB, including Hack Forms (, with 7.8 million posts, and NCAAbbs (, with 5.9 million posts.

Which is best? (Adam)


Adam says vBulletin is dying and IP.Board or Xenforo will be the most supported. "

"I don’t think vBulletin is going to be a leading brand, come a years time, as a lot of the coders/skinners that were working on VB stuff, have since stopped and moved to either Invision board, or Xenforo, as the quality is so poor.
The CMS hasn’t been touched much at all since it was released and it’s nothing short of a nightmare to work with.
If you’re going to launch a new forum software, with a portal of some kind, go for Invision board, the portal/cms system is supposed to be very powerful, but you DO need html skills to make it look decent. (The invision home page is running on the cms, which can’t be said for the VB home page lol)

Xenforo is too early. It is still in beta, although it does feel more stable than VB. But there is still the pending lawsuit.
If IB wins the lawsuit, they’ll take over Xenforo, which given their rhetoric in the lawsuit thread, seems to suggest they’d scrap Xenforo and the licenses.
So I would wait till XF has either gone gold, or the lawsuit is over, in XF’s favour."


Most popular English forum, but declining rapidly (vB4 has a lot of problems)


vBulletin competitor, with a healthy growth and my personal favorite!

Used by


vBulletin competitor, very new and plagued with IP lawsuit (built by original vBulletin developers, new vBulletin owners suing them)


Free vBulletin competitor, commercial grade in terms of stability, scalability, and available mods


Most popular free forum


Free forum

SMB (Simple Machines Board)

Free forum

XMB (eXtreme Message Board)

Free forum


WordPress forums!

Minimalistic and lacking many features common to real forums like IPB



Most popular China forum

UBB Central

Supports your own domain