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"Expression" is my brand and my purpose in life.

The goal is to help everyone who wants to express their ideas in the real world.

The way is by creating tools and guides that help take creative ideas from a motivating thought to something you can touch and feel and share.

Expression helps you express yourself.


The world is children.

We need to guide them, be role models for them, help them be more aware, if we want a healthy and happy society.


All my business partners go through the same hunger we all did
  • Live off savings until you hit $0
  • Then start earning a salary to exactly match your expenses (based on need, not ability or "market worth")
At all times, you will earn a revenue share of  the growth your actions create. But you won't start earning a guaranteed salary until you absolutely need it.

This is offered only to people who I feel "get it"
  • Follow my leadership, not challenge it or argue after I make a decision
  • Always take initiative
  • Really, really *want* to do this
  • Always show steady improvement
  • Grow into strong leaders
  • Always encourage and inspire everyone they communicate with