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To use music in your YouTube videos, you need one of the following
  • Create the music yourself
  • Have an email of permission from the creator that says "you can use my work for commercial purposes (ie. make money by showing ads)"
  • A link to a license that says the same
Just because YouTube did not flag your video with a Content ID match does not mean you have license to use the work for making money!

If you upload videos for fun or as a hobby, YouTube doesn't care. But if you are building a business around YouTube (like we at TGN are), the rules matter.

YouTube opened up Copyright School

Royalty free music

Newgrounds music free for non-commercial

  • Not commercial*
  • Give credit to the artist
  • Share Alike: If you modify the song, must release with the same license
* Ads are okay.

For example, Blizzard requires all videos released from their games (like World of Warcraft) to be "not commercial", which means you cannot charge money for the videos. They must be free for anyone to watch.

Ads are considered passive income.

Also, value-added "premium" for-pay areas of a website are also okay, as long as all the content is available for free somewhere, and clearly stated where.



Royalty free music for professional licensing
Biggest creative commons music repository

Interactive music repositories





Ton of radio channels!


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