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The most exciting, funny, emotional videos.

Education and Comedy

Treadmill while working


Trailer Tuesdays by Yeousch

Vultra weekly news - Girl host with big boobs

Enders, End Cards

Jessica Chobot excellent end cards on Nerdist News

Funny "Subscribe or die" ender with two more videos to watch by blacksmith guy who forges swords

Nice ender with 2 videos and big Subscribe

Amazing ender by MovieClips with 5 pages!

Freddiew ender with links to more videos, Twitter, Facebook and web

Tobuscus ender

Nice intro on a themed background

Outro with 3 videos on a themed background

Shoutouts to people involved in the video with links to their channels

Intros & Enders

Simple, clean Valve intro

Nice beginner and ender


Create your own animated movies using a free Valve tool!

Promo videos


Funny videos

George Vanous scolding Eian

Shahrzad's favorites

IL VOLO - Il Mondo Wind Music Awards 2011

High-production value to learn from for TGN TV Network

Channel 4

Philip de Franco invested in a new concept: rotating hosts giving news in 20 minutes or less



Daily Game News Shows

TGN Daily XP

TGS Layne On

Force Feed

Viral Videos

^-- 400k views from a guy who normally gets 2k a video
Secret: Created a video with the same tags and title (+ "Response") as the viral vieo and got 400,000 views in 5 days

Extract PNG from MOV

ffmpeg -i image%d.png

Popular videos

25 ways to tie a scarf

Amazing feats

High-lining (walking on a wire between mountains)


Sketch "choose your own adventure"

To Learn From

What is a community?

Movie style intro

A variation

Futuristic intro and creative outro

Cinematic intro

Many copies of you

YouTube Masters

Ray William Johnson's best work


Infomercial Advertisement

How DTMS works

How Video works



Star Wars theme by two 3.5" floppy disk drives

Discovered on

360k crit in WoW

Swifty one-shot macro


^-- They get a Donate button right beneath the video!

Best Starts

Black, "open" the black, fuzzy to sharp

Best designed channels

Largest "regular guys" channels

Health & Wellness

Most impressive channels



Zabermoul spent 1 week of just editing to produce this

X-Men Second Class - X-Men First Class Parody
Favorite clip: to 2:31

TTTT: Together to the Top - genius marketing
Idea: larger channels promote smaller channels to go together to the top
Reality: The larger channels get larger
Challenge: How to create a true "together to the top"? George's idea: TGN Idol -> TGN Games -> TGN Central

How to win at YouTube, in-depth guide

Athene makes awesome videos

Announcement video for his sub-me-to-get-a-personal-video

Library of Alexandria reference

Custom YouTube skin (how do they do this?)



Kung Fu Panda 2
Awesome intro for the channel

Expendables (Sylvester Stallone) (after 30 seconds)

YouTube NextUp

Best of Corey Vidal

Intro video with annotations

Using search engine techniques (like Google) applied to 3D graphics to get unlimited detail without polygons

Brilliant YouTube promotion idea (wish I had thought of it)

Crazy Marriage Proposal

Korea's Got Talent

Top 10 How to get Thumbs Up for your Comments

How to make a kick-ass web show

Learn Filmmaking

What are you most passionate about? Do a show about it!

Decide on a format and be consistent!

Create a release schedule and stick to it

Show Name

Script Tools


Camera Equipment
Sony A1U
Canon HF10 (1/3 price of A1U)

Audio Equipment mics

$14 Steady Cam

Free Special Effects

Free Video Editor

Free Post-Production Effects

Free Sound Effects

Free Music

Upload Everywhere

Your Own Webshow Website

Best of Worst

Defintion of "Flooding your Channel"
417.000 uploads
(constant uploading of videos less than a minute)

Menu Videos

TotalBiscuit Gamescom 2011 coverage

World of Warcraft menu by Big C

World of Warcraft menu by George

World of Warcraft menu (original)

Rift Cleric menu

Rift Warrior menu

SWTOR interactive menu

SWTOR planets

Tera menu

Minecraft menu

Announcement Videos

WoW video forum

Network Directors skins


Machinima Respawn

Machinima Realm

Gaming Videos

Athene and Swifty at Level 10

Swifty banned

Athene video response

Thank you back to Athene

What Athene started by promising to make a personal video if they sub his channel

Heartfelt video

Game News



Popular episode!

Channel button

Like Comment Subscribe

Flip the switch

Best Music

Eminem - Not Afraid

Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor, ft. Pitbull


Just a Dream


Favorite moment:

(Now private)

Why is this popular?


Sex education


Clean header!

Successful YouTubers


Jon Tron does some pretty quirky videos.  He has only done 15 vids and he's got us beat in terms of subscribers and views.

His channel gains cross promotion from

They both run the website and use YouTube to draw traffic to it. From there, they monetize with videos

Those JonTron videos are amazing and definitely on the same level as redlettermedia, in other words among the best on the internet.


Entertaining shows!

I clicked it because of his hot woman thumbnail
His channel is called sxephil (sexy phil) so it isn't 100% inappropriate

Interactive movie!

Choose your own adventure (at end, click who's solution you want to see)

Option 1 and 2: Shoot the bear (custom YouTube channel!)


World First level 85


'William Tell Overture' Mom

The Mom Song


How did they bleed the ad to the left of the video?


Man vs Lion

Play with a lion's psyche

Animated logo icon

YouTube used to allow animated gifs for the logo icon!


100,000 subscribers (TotalBiscuit)


I just uploaded my 18 month-old daughter in video!

Very cute young director! :) Maybe we can make Aviendha a YouTube celebrity this month! Last month it was Emerson

^-- 13 million views! (that's what it means to "go viral")


Towelliee shows his hand and mouse in live PvP

Talking head

Rui Modesto with TGN.TV

Andrea Renee with Mahalo Video Games


IGN burned-in spotlight Skip annotations


Table of contents video for WoW

for Rift

Bar along the top

WoW map

WoW calendar

Play guitar by clicking annotations!

Links can leave YouTube (if you are a partner) like IGN

Prev / Next links (and subscribe button right in seek bar to get maximum accidental clicks)

Top like tabs, and bottom left/right

Click to Subscribe in bottom-right

Yogscast copied me exactly!

Behind the scenes

Hong Kong women models for games


Content to recruit want-to-be film makers with the promise of money

Guild Recruiting


6 million views in first 3 days

Smart guy, added a shameless promotion using his t-shirt affiliate code

See the first link in his description

Also added a subtitle at the end of this 25 second clip drawing attention to the link

Looking at his channel, this is his only video that got an obscene amount of views

Something to learn from


Toby Turner Cute Win Fail

TV Reviews


Chuck Norris World of Warcraft commercial

Old Spice

Towelliee's parody on Old Spice


Base jumping

Daily show

Azeroth Daily (by TotalBiscuit)

IGN Daily fix


100k likes, 1 million dislikes!

Expert exciting


Music is what keeps me alive. No matter what they say. This is where I belong.

Music live

Kim Yeohee - Beautiful day (Japanese)

Misleading Title


Music video

Bohemian Rhapsody-like music video for WoW Cataclysm trailer

Skyrim trailer comedy music video (almost more views than official Skyrim trailer!)

Britney Spears Everytime uncut

Justin Beber-like music video for StarCraft 2

Lady Gaga by young girl singing and playing piano

Making Love

How to make love better

Behind the scenes

"All I want is something black, something red and something dragon"


Call of Duty dabce


You Need a "Boyfriend"

"Potion of Deepholm" (similar humor style, but not viral)

Chuck the bears into the fire, not the trampoline! (hidden Hyjal achievement WoW quest by TotalBiscuit)

WoW Freakout - Password Change

Arnold Rave

You got her number, now what?

New WoW race/class combination

Ray William Johnson
Makes fun of the most popular videos (like we add commentary over our gameplay videos, he does over others' video clips)
New episode every Mon and Thu

Animal voices


TGN commercial

Digital landing

Tom's treats


Troll starting area


Singing competition for her song "Angel"
Nice prizes!


Aimbot by Freddiew

Blender Foundation


RayWJ (0.5 seconds)

The Gates Notes (10 seconds)

Revision3 (4 seconds) with co-branded sponsorship (4 more seconds)

Bioware, EA (4 seconds)

Machinima (4 seconds)

IGN (4 seconds) + Daily Fix (4 more seconds)

Razer (4 seconds)

Intro overlays video (not a separate clip) by Mahalo Video Games

Viso Games (4 seconds)

TGN + Viso (4 second) and movie-like custom intro (4 more seconds)

TGN + Viso (4 seconds) with green-screen overlay

Movie-like intro (20 seconds)
Fan-created (10 seconds) wispy

Nice, clean, movie-like

Short, sweet, professional intro!

Beginner after 11 seconds

Yogscast superman for minecraft

OMFG Cata intro with producer's name

Start every video with 10 seconds of the most exciting parts of your video, saying only "This is (game title) and this (short video description) starts in 10 seconds"

Short and sweet


How to draw babies, teens and adults

Promoting your product by education (affiliate marketing)

How to share in Google Docs

Embedded on



WoW montage

How to kiss creatively


Star Wars parody

Strange women breast enlargement commercial for a slim soft drink

Game review

League of Legends vs. Heroes of Newerth


Copy-pasted terrain in FFXIV

MMO mix

IGN Best of E3 2009

Nice temporary footers
"Best shooting game: Modern Warfare 2"

Short clips from every game
The transitions are quick and painless, but they do feel cheap

This feels like the Grammy's! Like "best movie of 2010"

Top MMOs of 2009
Much worse than IGN Best of E3 2009, but 2.5 million views compared to IGN 100,000

Darkness Eternal(WoW+Lineage2 Music not pvp video)

StrategyLeagueTopTen Presents - Zilean the Chronokeeper


TGS Network spotlight
Good TGS intro, good "why visit his channel"
Really promotes TGS as a high-quality good-guy network that gave him a chance (and Machinima said No to him!)

Created T&T (tips & tricks, using dynamite logo) with freeze-frames showing what he did right, what he did wrong

Ep 1:
Ep 2:

Greedy Genius

Brandon Chang interview


Google Wave

Hair styling

Seems to be a hub for howto videos

138,000 videos!

Like how to string a guitar (High E)

How to cook

How to apply dramatic makeup


IGN App Show
Jessica first introduces the episode, then describes the series, then says her name


The Last Minecraft

Music in Minecraft!

Story with heroes and villains in a Minecraft world!

16-but ALU CPU (that works!)

USS Enterprise 1701-A (inside too!)

Another USS Enterprise (outside only)

New York City

How to trap people in a house!

Player traps forum thread

Another amazing thread


4.5 million views in 2 weeks, 60,000 comments and 128,000 likes! It is a good mini-movie, done by only 4 guys. Awesome production!

New Splinter Cell series



WoW Cataclysm trailer
Funny ending speech, too


Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past or how lofty your aims and hopes may be.

Picture in Picture

WoW with Razer mouse
And pops up funny images on cue

Curtis pops up Eliza Dushku

High production value

Lost: Dharma initiative orientation video

Popular videos

10 million views!

Popular why?

Product reviews

iPhone 4 vs Nexus S comparison review

Soldier Knows Best!

Neo Cube!

How to improve your PvP in WoW with the Razer Naga



Google TV

Chrome notebook
"25 computer were harmed in the marking of this video. But no data was lost!"


Teamcraft Pikachu got #3 in Machinima contest

SelfS3rve is mentioned in Machinima

He then got YouTube partner through Machinima

How he is promoted in Machinima description


Mahalo Video Games


Equality for Women and Men by nigahiga

Short Movies

Final Destination



Sexy and clever

Learn Japanese by a big-breast girl


6-year-old pitch-perfect


World of World of Warcraft

Control a player who is playing World of Warcraft 


Hit that button in fancy text!
█▬█ █ ▀█▀ THAT BUTTON═►

Subscribe: Don't miss a thing!

"Subscribe" as your logo

Entire video is a big subscribe button


Homeless guy with an amazing on-air voice
Later hired by the Cleveland Cavaliers (basketball team) as an announcer

Dramatic reading!
^-- A dramatic reading!
Taking a break from WoW Cataclysm and StarCraft videos, TotalBiscuit does something completely different: a dramatic Pokeman reading!


Taiwanese Boy (Lin Yu Chun) sings Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

Top 10

Top 10 games in 2010! (by TotalBiscuit)


Tera trailer 1
Awesome Tera trailer with commentary, no text

Tera trailer 2
Text tells the story

Tera storybook

X-Men prequel

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, part 

Dante's Inferno - 5th circle: Anger

The Event


Aion 2.0

Aion 2.0 vision

Due Date

Video guides

New Gmail

How to use the YouTube Subscribe button

WoW video guide with no in-game footage (helpful for YouTube partner, no Blizzard-copyright game footage)


WoW freakout!

Epic Nunchuk fail

^-- by Graham Stark from
$1000 per video from Escapist contract video producers


It all started with a t-shirt


Breaking Bad (one of her favorite TV series)

Wet n' Wild Nadine
Swimming with Dolphins
Under New Zealand waterfall




3 seconds of blackness and it has 100,000+ views!

World first

Be the best at World of Warcraft

Year-end video

Everyone can do this!

Wet n' Wild Nadine

^-- Swimming with Dolphins and under a New Zealand waterfall

Breaking Bad (one of her favorite TV series)

^-- Do you have a favorite TV series?


^-- Just filming while out on trips!

How to cook

How to apply dramatic makeup