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Integrate Google Analytics with ClickBank

ClickBank supports Google Analytics goals so you can monitor the traffic to your sales pages.

Setting up Goals in Google Analytics

  1. Sign-in to Google Analytics
  2. Click Edit next to the website profile you wish to track
  3. Click Edit again next to the website profile you wish to use
  4. Click Add goal under Goals

    • Active goal: On
    • Goal type: Url destination
    • Match type: Regular expression match
    • Goal url: (Thank You page url)
    • Goal value: (eg 10.0)
    • Create a funnel

      • Step 1: (Product Pitch page url)
      • Step 2: ^/order/orderform\.html.*$
      • Step 3: ^/order/ordersuccess\.html.*$

    • Click Save goal

  5. Sign-in to ClickBank
  6. Click Account settings
  7. Click Edit to the right of the Integrated Sales Reporting box
  8. Click Add Tracking Code
  9. Select Google Analytics
  10. Enter your Google Analytics Account ID
  11. Click Save

More Information

To better understand Google Analytics’ Head, Exact, and Regular Expression matching, see the Analytics FAQ: