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Turn off Audit Mode in Windows

Audit mode allows OEMs to customize a Windows installation before shipping the computer to an end-user.

How to Turn off Audit Mode in Windows

To disable Audit mode
  1. Go to Start > Run

  2. Type regedit and click OK

  3. Find the following registry key

    • In Windows 7
      The value of ImageState in

    • In Vista
      The value of ImageState in

    • In Windows XP
      The value of AuditInProgress in

  4. Right-click the registry key ImageState and select Modify

  5. Delete the value and click OK

Why Turn off Audit Mode?

Some software cannot install while Windows is in Audit Mode.

For example, Google Chrome will not install in Audit Mode.

More about Audit Mode

For more information about Audit Mode from Microsoft, see

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