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Do you want to be part of a startup company?

Do you know what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

After 10 years of being an entrepreneur, I have something to say on this subject!

What is your Why

The first and most important question is: What burning desire motivates you?

What do you want so strongly that you would drop everything if you found a way to get it?

This is why you get up in the morning and keep going even when times are tough

A "Why" can be personal (family, loved ones, close friends), professional (career), mercantile (money), or spiritual (faith, religion)


Are you passionate?

What excites you?


Art you smart?

Can you duplicate yourself?

No matter how much you can do, you are one person who will never find 25 hours in a day


Do you have a great plan to reach your goals?

Can you convince others?

A clear timeline with milestones helps maintain focus and direction


Can you get things done?


Manufacture need
  • Create deadlines, budgets, unhappy users, people who depend on your work, anything that creates a sense of urgency
Short-term goals
  • Set clear goals, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
Short bursts
  • Everything in moderation
    Create a variety of tasks, work hard on one for a short time, stop and switch

  • Avoid repetition
    Assembly-line work is consistently voted as the worst, most boring job every year
  • Tagline
    Company tagline that summarizes your goals in a few short words, like "Creating great communities"

  • Whiteboard that shows the most urgent tasks

  • Calendar that shows upcoming milestones

  • Big poster on the wall that says "You should be working"
  • Wealthy people make no money on their own time - they make all their money on other people's time
Residual income
  • Do something once and get paid, stop and ontinue getting paid on it over and over again