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GST/HST Telefile

electronic help desk 1-877-322-7849

eg: gst return access code not accepted

GST/HST Telefile Service
M-F 0830-2030, S 0830-1700

1-877-322-7849 for obtaining telefile access number if you receive a reminder notice of an overdue return whose working copy you lost

1         english
0         skip helpful tips (1 for yes)
0         Recapture input tax credits?
0         Homebuilder affected by new tax measures?
833688864 first nine digits (TGN)
0001      last four digits
yyyymmdd  from date
yyyymmdd  to date
1         yes: correct
nnnn      telefile access code (differs each quarter)
$ (pound) line 101
1         yes: correct
$ (pound) line 105
1         yes: correct
$ (pound) line 108
1         yes: correct
1         yes: 109 reported, is it correct?
$ (pound) line 110
1         yes: correct
$ (pound) line 111
1         yes: correct
$ (pound) line 205
1         yes: correct
$ (pound) line 405
1         yes: correct
1         yes: 114 reported, is it correct?
1         yes: do you certify that the information given is to the best of your knowledge true, correct and complete in every respect and that you are the registrant or a person authorized to file on behalf of the registrant; also, do you want us to record this information and consider it as your GST/HST return; to answer yes and submit the data as your return, press 1, to cancel the filing of this return, press 0; it is a serious offense to file a false return