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Everything Janrain does is OpenID

The founder, Larry, founded RocketMail before and is now famous for commercializing OpenID with Janrain.

Why hasn't OpenID caught on? The concern is if someone created their ID on another site, they can now login to your site without sharing any personal information (there is no value to the new site).

Behavior marketing is what every site wants, but they need personal information to do it (eg: Show specific ads to all blue-eyes males)

JanRain Engage

Easy-to-setup sign-in from Facebook, Google, OpenID and so on

Users and price

2,500 Free
5,000 $100 / year
25,000 $1,000 / year
50,000 $4,000 / year
100,000 $5,000 / year
250,000 $10,000 / year

$250 setup fee for SSL and custom domain for 25,000 users

Free setup for 50,000 users

Janrain Capture Express

50,000 records
$7,000 for Engage Enterprise + Capture

Janrain Capture

$1000 per year (paid at the start of every year)
upto 10,000 users

Every year starts the login counter at 0

Cookie will not log you back in, need Janrain Federate for single sign-on

Janrain Federate

To auto-login to other sites without asking to sign-in

Licensed by number of websites

5 websites  $15,000 annually
10 websites  $more