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Examiner welcome email

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 15:07:20 -0500
Subject: Welcome to Examiner!

Hi Michael,


Thanks for applying at! We have reviewed your application and think you would make an excellent Jackson MMORPG Examiner.


Please reply to this e-mail within the next three (3) business days with the information requested below in the “How you get started” section. If we don't hear from you within three days, we may release this title to other interested applicants.


Who are Examiners?


Examiners are local insiders who are passionate about their topic and prolific in sharing information about it. Their credibility is real and varied, based on education, experience and insider enthusiasm. Each Examiner has a page on dedicated to one specific topic in their local edition. Examiners are independent contractors, not employees,


What do successful Examiners produce?


Examiner articles are short, clear, and polished. Articles should be informative, on-topic, timely, factual, locally focused and helpful. Examiners produce how-to, newsy, or advice-oriented pieces as opposed to blog/journal entries. Some examples include:


·         “Best” guides to restaurants, services, venues, stores, and more

·         Insider tips and local “secrets”

·         “Did you know?” info that locals may take for granted, but which is helpful to visitors and newcomers

·         Holiday guides to the best local shops, gifts, and charities

·         Timely events and happenings of all kinds, including sporting events or concerts

·         Resource links to helpful places on the Web, specific to the Examiner’s topic

·         Profiles of local people and places

·         Insightful analysis & commentary on “hot” issues and themes relating to the Examiner’s topic

·         Resource guides about local government and officials, and detailed election information


Use these story ideas to get your creative juices flowing, but remember to always stay on topic.


What do we expect from you?


·         Examiners’ pages should be current and fresh. Their headlines should be straightforward and informative, not simply clever, to help Web users find them more easily. We find that frequent posting of articles will tend to generate the most traffic to your page. As a guideline, we suggest posting two to three articles per week.

·         Examiners utilize easy social networking sites and tools like and to help promote their articles and gain loyal readership. We will provide you with basic information on how to do this through tutorials and walkthroughs within our Examiner Support Center.

·         As an Examiner, you retain the copyright to your content, so you can use it elsewhere (subject to the terms of the Examiners Independent Contractor Agreement and License); content you've published elsewhere can be used on your page (provided the other site allows such use), and (and its related entities) also has the right to use and distribute your content on our websites and elsewhere.

·         Professionalism and maturity are requirements for all Examiners. As a standard reminder to all new Examiners, we have editorial requirements that forbid obscene language and explicit photos and links.

·         All Examiners are required to be 18 years or older.

·         Examiners are required to use their legal names rather than a pen name or pseudonym. This establishes credibility for you as an Examiner, as well as accountability for our website. For this same reason, avatars cannot be used for your profile photo.

·         Please use the same e-mail address in all correspondence.

·         There are no long-term commitments; you're only an Examiner as long as you want to be. also reserves the right to end the relationship with any Examiner who violates the Terms of Use Agreement <>.


What’s in it for you?


·         Within the framework of your topic, you may write about what you want, when you want. We do not make editorial assignments (but we do share topic ideas regularly) – you are in control.

·         You have the chance to be a part of a huge nationwide network of local Examiners, as well as an opportunity to expose your content to publishers and editors, other writers, product manufacturers, and a worldwide audience.

· works very hard behind the scenes to make sure your pages and content are exposed to people looking for information on your topic. Because of these efforts, Examiners often appear at the top of search results.

·         On top of the unlimited exposure and widespread promotion, the training and the credibility associated with writing for are valuable. As an Examiner, you can earn money generated by your articles! Our rate of pay is competitive and very much in your control, based on the size of your audience. You also can participate in our referral bonus programs that offer a $50 bonus each for every Examiner you help bring on board or local business you refer that advertises on

·         You can participate in weekly conference calls that offer technical support and social networking advice as well as create a forum where Examiners can interact.


How much can you make? is committed to paying a competitive rate for Examiner-generated content. Examiner pay is in U.S. Dollars and is based on a rating that considers a number of factors, including advertising revenue and the quality of your audience, which includes things like frequency of publishing, page view traffic and session length. Pay may fluctuate depending on any of these and other factors. makes no guarantees as to minimum payment. Focusing on providing robust, useful, topic-specific content that grows your readership and encourages your readers to want to read more than one article is the surest way to maximize your earnings. Because your title is local, your articles will be eligible for our local incentives program. Payments are processed monthly. As we work to reward Examiners in more ways, we are continuing to offer a referral bonus program, which pays $50 to an Examiner each time one of their friends is selected to be an Examiner. The details and rules of the program are available in our Examiner Support Center, which you will have access to once I have created your page. Only Examiners who have posted their first article and have been activated qualify to participate.


How you get started:


Here are the steps you’ll need to complete within the next three days so we can get you set up as an Examiner:


1. Update your safe e-mail list


Please update the junk filter or whitelist on the e-mail you asked us to use as your primary contact address. It should identify as safe. We do not share your address with outside companies.


2. Send us your photo


Please e-mail your photo (in .jpg format) to me (as an attachment, please) at [email protected]. This photo will be used on your Examiner page; it should reflect your personality and be of good quality. If possible, please send a photo that’s wider than it is tall. If you need assistance cropping or compressing your image, please send us the full-size photo to work with.


3. Your bio


You submitted a personal bio during your application process. If you would like to use a different bio for your Examiner profile, please send that, along with your photo to[email protected]. Please write in the third person and briefly describe your credentials, qualifications and accomplishments related to your title. We’re looking for a relatively short, one-paragraph summary (no more than 75 words, please). Also, including an e-mail address in your bio for people to reach you is a fantastic way to get feedback and other opportunities from readers and media. If you don’t submit a new bio, we’ll just use the one you originally provided.


4. Set up your PayPal account


We make all payments via PayPal. All you need to receive payments from us is a basic, personal PayPal account, which is free. To sign up, visit Please make sure your PayPal account is set up to include the e-mail address you have provided to (If you intend to use a different e-mail address for PayPal, you’ll input that yourself in your profile.)


What happens next?


Once I create your Examiner page, you will receive login information for our Publishing Tool, where you will post your articles and can find useful how-to tips, help with questions, and other resources. You may then begin writing and should post your first article within three days. I’ll also send you some publishing guidelines at that time.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and please remember to send me your bio and photo in the next three days. I look forward to seeing your Examiner page and reading your articles.

We’re excited to have you join us!




Justin Andress

Recruitment Manager | [email protected]