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Why do people brush baby's teeth in the early and mind school years? 

  • Decay and loss of these first teeth can deform the mouth permanently.
  • Baby needs primary teeth for getting nutrition and being able to develop normal speech and appearance. Both are important to a child's self-confidence. 
  • It is likely to become good habit for the kids. 
How to speak to your baby in first year?
  • Speak slowly, clearly and simply most of the time. 
  • Focus on single words. eg: "We are going to change a new diaper." with "New diaper." 
  • Continue to downplay pronouns and stick to "This is ..." and "that is..." 
  • Imitate your baby and introduce some new syllables (eg: Ga-ga-ga).
  • Baby loves repetition and will learn from it so read songs and rhymes.
  • Use simple rhymes in book with one or two vivid pictures and point out of single objects when you are asking, "Where is the cat?"
  • Though baby may not be talking yet, he is starting to process information, so wait for a response. 
  • It is important for your baby to learn following simple commands such as "Kiss mommy" or "Give mommy the dog"

Parenting will have a major impact on how your baby coordinates his three brains:
  1. The rational brain (Higher brain) : This is known as the "frontal lobes" or the neocortex. In evolutionary terms it is the newest part of the brain, amounting to about 85 percent of the total brain mass. Its functions and capacities include: 
  • creativity and imagination
  • problem-solving 
  • reasoning and reflection
  • self-awareness
  • kindness, empathy, and concern.
       This part of the brain has led to the greatest achievements of humans, but when cut off from the mammalian brain's social emotion 
       systems, it is also responsible for appalling cruelties.