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A RAID is a bunch of hard disks running together as one big hard disk.

To create a RAID, you need a bunch of hard disks all the same size, a box to store them in, and a RAID controller card.

Note: Windows XP only supports upto 2tb drives, so don't use XP for your RAID!

Buying the right controller is confusing - there are many options!

They are very knowledgeable, they answer their phone, and the 18tb 12x1.5tb drive RAID I bought works beautifully.

The particular case and card I bought requires
  • 150gb/sec transfer rate (not 300)
I setup RAID 6, so any two drives can fail.

After moving the RAID to another computer, two drives showed a Free (not part of the RAID set). I had to remove them individually while the RAID was running and add them back for the RAID to rebuild itself. This probably happened because the card was set to 300gb/sec transfer rate! PC Pitstop said that can happen at the higher speed.

If more than two drives had failed, the RAID can auto-recover itself. It will try its best settings, then show you the files, if they are correct, write the signature back to recover the RAID.

If more than one RAID was visible (and only one should be), remove all the drives while running, then insert them back one-by-one. The RAID usually figures itself out this way.