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From: George
Date: Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 9:44 PM

I looked, but could not find a way to create imagemaps on our TGN subreddit:

The best I could find is this stylesheet

Which looks like this

So far, my experience with Reddit is a complete miss. The push-up challenge video I posted got no response.

On the TGN subreddit

On the popular Videos subreddit

Let me know if you see better results!


From: Ashral
Date: Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 7:35 AM

Typically the first rule of Reddit is to not post and promote your own stuff.  This is generally viewed negatively and you will get downvotes for doing so.  If you notice, the only comment on your push-up video asks exactly that question. 

This mentality will make it exceedingly difficult to build our own subreddit, as many will view it under that same light.  Reddit is not going to be a place where we can freely promote our content and network in a direct way.  I have been thinking a lot on how this can be accomplished--and I do have some ideas. 

The success I've had on Reddit with self-promotion came from two distinct perspectives: 

1 - The Amateur Video-Maker

I am not self-promoting my content, but submitting my videos to Reddit for the most harsh criticism I can find.  In this perspective, if you want to keep posting your content to a particular Subreddit, you HAVE to utilize redditor feedback where it makes sense and improve your content.  Although you will still get downvotes, you can win the loyalty of some redditors and possibly new followers onto your YouTube Channel.

2 - The Helpful Content Producer

Only post and produce content that you know Redditor's will appreciate.  I did this in the SWTOR Subreddit with a "Video Tip" series and on the Diablo Subreddit by showing off new class builds that nobody else was doing at the time.  If the content is truly interesting and valuable to a Redditor, they will see through the fact that you are promo'ing your own content.

The third option has a lot of negatives, but it can work to some degree:

3 - The Troll

Disassociate yourself with your own content, and actually become your worst troll.  If you post one of your videos, you have to post it because you are poking fun at it or bashing it for some reason.  This will not really help you grow an audience, but you can get a lot of views on a video or content that would otherwise go unnoticed or downvoted.

The problem with these perspectives is that they were used on Subreddits that were already very established.  I'm not sure how they will work on an entirely new Subreddit, but it's obviously worth experimenting.