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Runes of Magic

All my notes about RoM - please read!

What's new in Runes of Magic: Chapter 4!

Frogster asked us to make videos for

  1. Multiclass system
  2. Character Customization
  3. Cross Server Siege
  4. Dungeon and Raid Content

Account: connermullaney
Character: Orichacols
Server: Grimdal

Account: therealcromar
Character: Cromara
Server: Grimdal

Account: confettigaming
Character: confetti
Server: Grimdal

Username: tgn.runesofmagic
Password: (ask George)

RoM notes

Elite skills

List of elite skills upto level 25

List of elite skills level 30

Runes of Magic-produced video guide
Beginner's Megapack

"In Partnership With" video pre- and post-rolls



Choosing the right secondary class



Skills you get if you choose Scout as your secondary

People don't know what many of these stats mean (some are obvious, others confusing)

More experienced players tell players what to do on the forums, but they don't explain why

Biggest PvP element in RoM: Siege War

Current level cap 62

1-30 in a week
30-40 2 weeks
40-50 2 weeks
50 is when it gets hard and long
50-60 2 months (with daily quests to supplement questing)

Level 50 is when gear really starts to become important
eg: Level 52 zones have mobs with exponentially more hit points - you will have a really hard time without the right gear

These questions are constantly asked in-game guild chat
They post two pieces of armor and ask "Which one is better for me"

Stamina compared to maximum HP
If you add 10 stamina, is it better than +40 hit points

Gearing 101
Proper gearing for classes

eg: Rogue
Should I get strength or physical attack?

eg: Leather
Both Rogues and Scouts use leather, but different pieces are better for each class

eg Both Priest and Druid are healers

Just because something has a healing stat doesn't mean it is good for both

eg: A high wisdom would be good for Druid, something high in intelligence is good for Mage

People don't know how much damage intelligence adds vs. magical attack

RoM is a very gear-oriented game, especially at L50

Nick recommends
Level 50
Kalin's shrine in Dustdevil canyon
Very well designed

Level 55
Heart of the Ocean
Very hard

Get Ancient memento's for killing bosses in Heart of the Ocean and higher level

Use it to get better equipment

12-man instance
Hall of Survivors
Nick's favorite, good mechanics, stone golems

End game (need long quest lines to get into)

Level 60
Raksha Temple

Level 62
Kawak's Tomb