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TGN Social

To Implement Now

Replace login screen with our branding (not WordPress)

See how many people are watching your video right now and chat with them
Maybe use Woopra for realtime analytics

Videos tab
Show latest TGN videos

Activity tab
Clearly show which activity is shown (All Members, My friends, and so on)

Invite your friends to join
From Gmail, Facebook, and so on

What changed since my last visit
# of new members
# of new actions (group posts, forum posts)


Surprise me!

Prominent button like Google's "I'm feeling lucky" that shows the best video related to the visitor's browsing behavior

Get more views

Track which external websites get more views for our videos

4,000 views in one day from
^-- Notice the annotations that help get people to our channel

All videos

Very popular news site (Cromar does a good job posting)

Most popular buzz site


Very popular minecraft forum that allows you to post videos

Steam Minecraft group

Ask head honcho to give shoutout for being a top Minecraft Show on YouTube.

World of Warcraft

Official WoW forum

WoW Head forum


MMO Champion forum

Post videos, just don't advertise

WoW Wiki

eg (scroll down to Videos)


eg (scroll down to Videos)

Cool Features

Every page loads in 1.5 seconds or less

See all activity, or just from your friends or groups you joined
Click "My Friends" or "My Groups"

Facebook comments!

Public, Private or Hidden Groups!
Your guild or friends can discuss privately

Email responses when someone replies directly to your posts on TGN Social. Don't have to remember to check back for replies!

Main Goals

1 second is too long

Every page is ready-to-use in less than 1 second


1.17 1.19 1.24 1.27 1.22

1.12 1.09 1.11 1.12 1.15


Everything is realtime, like editing in-place, others see what is being edited as it happens (like, member count always accurate, and so on

Look at Titanpad source code


Everything is viral-ready, like allow adding friends from Facebook and optimizing for SEO (see

No page refresh

Video focus

Can easily record a video response, like doing livestreaming through your webcam 

Friend filter

See activity from custom groups, not just friends or all groups
Click "My Friends" or "My Groups"

Dislike button

Just like YouTube

Facebook only has a Like button. Not clicking it is not the same as clicking Dislike

Popular games

UI to learn from

Director Pages

Highlight best video, most popular or latest video, like a YouTube Show page

Promote professional services, like

Cannot add new post or page

Cannot have a unique index for post_name

"You are not allowed to edit this post."
"Submit for Review" button


ALTER TABLE  `tgn`.`wp_posts` DROP KEY `post_title`, ADD INDEX `post_title` (`post_title`);

Create page or post

Restore unique index
ALTER IGNORE TABLE  `tgn`.`wp_posts` DROP KEY `post_title`, ADD UNIQUE `post_title` (`post_title`);

Other possible causes

Why we need a unique index for post_name

"Automatic Youtube Video Posts" plugin duplicates many posts. A unique post name is the quickest fix to remove duplicates!

Upgrade WordPress, Break Thumbnails

Solution: in /wp-includes/post.php

function get_post_custom_values( $key = '', $post_id = 0 ) {
if ( !$key )
return null;

$custom = get_post_custom($post_id);

// Add this!
if ('thumb' == $key)
// $i = get_post_meta($post_id,'_tern_wp_youtube_video',true);
$i = get_post_custom_values('_tern_wp_youtube_video');
$i = $i[0];
$custom[$key] = array(''.$i.'/default.jpg');
// To here!

return isset($custom[$key]) ? $custom[$key] : null;

Video Bookmarks


Had Tera gameplay from Korea very early!


Gamerspawn is just another re-hash of the ign/machinima editorial/video network model out of the Netherlands. Mostly a bunch of kids who got together out of high school and decided to develop a gaming communications network.

They have editorial release agreements with some of the main publishers.

Sites to learn from