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World of Warcraft

Tim Sullivan
Skype: multiboxing


Advertising inquiry - Promote and generate revenue
I'm dropping a note to see if you might be interested in advertising a new World of Warcraft strategy guide website that I've just created.   This isn't the run-of-the mill game guide made by a run-of-the-mill person. 
My name is Tim Sullivan and I've been building gaming websites and tools for quite a while.  A lot of people are familiar with the things I've done, such as being the CEO/partner owner of, creator of several guild hosting systems, owner of Pwnboxer (Multiboxing software used by 10s of thousands of people), not to mention tons of things for other games.

Here is my new website: that I'm willing to fork out $$ for you to promote it.

The website utilizes some hard core database-type methods to determine the fastest, most awesome way to level up, from 1 to 85, on any race, including DKs.  In addition to having a step-by-step written guide, explaining where to go, map coordinates, NPC names, etc., the guide includes literally nearly THREE HUNDRED VIDEOS of the entire leveling process.  This makes the guide unique, powerful, and extremely fun to level with.

Also, the guide isn't one of those "pay once, download once" type of guides.  It literally is a membership site.  Whenever the game updates, the guide will update, and all updates are free for life.  This includes new videos that are created, new guides on interesting subjects such as multiboxing, gold making, etc.   This guide is essentially like a membership site with no reoccurring fees.  I love WoW hardcore so it is pretty easy for me to maintain updates.

Because this guide site takes such a new and fun spin on leveling guides, I'm extremely confident that a LOT of people would be interested in buying it, even those people who already use a competing guide.

So yea, interested in promoting it?  I'm paying a TON for you to simply link the site, using our banners, writing an article, doing whatever to promote it.

You will make 50% of the entire sale by promoting the guide.  Depending on the size of your website, the amount of users that view it, etc., this can translate into HUNDREDS of $$ per day for you.  The more you promote the guide, the more $$ you'll make.  Because you will get 50% of all the money made, the budget for promoting this is literally unlimited.  I can pay out $100,000 and even more, the sky is the limit.

If you are interested, check out and watch the video at the beginning.  Then head on over to this page for banners and info on how to promote it:  You literally can start making tons of cash right away.  Just read the affiliate page, link things up, email your users, write a news article, etc., and watch the $$ flow in.

I am constantly changing the page, adding new things, more graphics, words, etc., and might even play with the price, so check it often.

Ready to make Hordes of $$ while giving people a super fun thing to buy?  Let me know if you have any questions, need a review copy, or even suggestions, I'm pretty much glued to my email and will respond ASAP.

Thanks for your time!
Tim Sullivan