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My friend has been playing Aion for two months. He had never played an MMO before and is now an expert!

Here is what he learned.

Elyos can communicate with Asmodians
Setup a store - the bubble above your head is not garbled!
Use an Aion translator like

Discover Asmodian player level
Look them up on Aion's official website!

What mob drops item $x?
Search for it on
It will tell you what creature to farm to get it!

Templar + Assassin = Good
Templar taunts, assassin backstabs. It's kiting a whole new way!
You can duo bosses this way for 200,000 experience points each.

Farm bosses by changing channels
For example, defeat Ziloota the Seer in Verteron, change to Channel 2, do it again, and again in Channel 3

Many zones have shortcuts
For example, fly from Verteron citadel towards where the fossil is, and land in the one place you can run across the top of the mountains to fly down into the Tursin Garrison without a single fight

Templars can pull like rangers
After you get 3 taunts, you can taunt-pull a mob from 50 feet away, run back to your group, taunt again, the one will chase you, the others will run back

Templars can defeat assassins
Use your shield skills to stun them, interrupting their burst dps

Templars should choose the gold mace that extends at L40
Every templar chooses the gold sword at L40, but the gold mace extends and does considerably more damage
Earlier maces do not extend, so use swords unless you see "Can extend" in the mace description
If you find a sword that increases attack speed by 20%, that is better than an extending mace

Fire Temple is boring
FT is a lot of fun at first, but after running through it 50+ times, I know exactly what to pull, how to get to the bosses as quickly as possible, and it is boring.