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Beijing, China Air Quality

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Beijing, China used to have bad air quality.

The China Olympics motivated the government to do something about it, and they doubled the number of public buses, halved the number of cars on the road, seeded the clouds so it would rain more often, and improved air quality significantly.

A friend of Mirko Vanous, Shou-Jun Luo (Lawrence), has been living in Beijing from 2008-present (2010). His brother, George Vanous, is moving to Beijing with his wife and 7-month old baby girl Aviendha, and they wanted to know if the air was okay for the baby.

Lawrence said

Thanks to the Olympics, the air quality has improved a lot for the last few years. Your brother and the baby should be fine with the whether and air here. 

In the summer Beijing is hotter than Vancouver but I don't feel this is a problem. The winter here is dry. Some attention to protect the skin and adjust the clothing on time is recommended. The good part in Beijing is that the food here is ample and relatively cheap. Also there are a lot of mountains in the suburbs for hiking - Vancouverites will like this. Moreover, in Beijing there are a lot of westerners. Your brother won't feel alone here. If he needs any help, please let me know.