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Drupal vs Django

WordPress is for basic sites and modest online publications

Django is for sites with more complex needs or non-standard data models
  • WordPress is a simple content management system
  • Drupal is an advanced content management system
  • Django is a framework
A few recent rapid-development case studies are interesting:
  •, recently rebuilt in Django in five weeks

  •, built from the ground up in just four weeks with Django

  •, an RSS mashup and aggregation site with a complex back-end that lets member sites have multiple members and single members contribute to multiple sites — built in 3-4 days with Django

  • django-treedata: Winner of the recent DataSF public dataset Hack-a-Thon, built in 8 hours with Django (and another 8 hours cleaning the public data set)

Try this tutorial, it gives a good overview

Pinax is that set of components extending Django