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Adobe Premiere

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Adobe Premiere is a professional non-linear editor (NLE) for audio and video.

Troubleshooting - MOV shows green

Try VLC and renaming .mov to mpg


Can also buy Calibrated

Video Transitions

To crossfade between two video streams, use "Video Transitions | Dissolve | Cross Dissolve"

Audio Transitions

To gradually fade audio to silence, use "Audio Transitions | Crossfade | Constant Gain"

Text Transitions

To fade text in or out, use the crossfade video transition and be sure not to layer the same text overtop itself. If you do, it will "glow" since the edge colors are additive.

Image Transitions

Edit | Preferences | General | Still Image Default Duration
Edit | Preferences | General | Video transition default duration
Edit | Preferences | General | Audio transition default duration

Import all your images

Menu | Automate to Sequence...

YouTube HD

To create the highest quality YouTube HD videos, use the "H.264" format and the "HDTV 720p 23.976" preset in Adobe Media Encoder.


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