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The gadget spec URL could not be found
The gadget spec URL could not be found is a simple URL shortener. is extremely fast with realtime reporting, but it has two major limitations
  1. Once you set the destination URL, you cannot change it
  2. You cannot create independent click-counters to the same URL

Spam Protection

Four kinds of protection against spam and malware
  1. Transparency

    A preview plug-in shows users the long urls behind shortened hashes

    Append a + to any link to see more information, like the destination URL

  2. Real-time spam-filtering services like SURBL and Google Safe Browsing

    Uses multiple filters, and reaching out to companies with promising technology

    When a link or domain is flagged as spam, shows an interstitial warning page, like Firefox (freezing or deleting links would make seem broken)

  3. Don’t recycle hashes

    Users cannot change mappings once they have been created (a short URL will take you to the same destination on every click)

    Spammers cannot bait and switch by offering quality content first and then malware

  4. Report spam

    Email spam you find to [email protected]

    If you are incorrectly marked as spam, send a note to [email protected] and they will investigate does not maintain a whitelist of its own, so if SURBL has marked you as a spammer, you will have to go directly to SURBL to get off the block list


12-people development team

4.2 billion clicks a month
growing 25% a month
Owns 80% of twitter url shorteners

Best of the best practices
All about infrastructure, scale and redundancy
Co-located in same places Facebook and Twitter

Automated clicks are ignored (no Google bots), only real users are counted Enterprise

Can connect with the users who use your shortened links

^-- enterprise users

Seeing inspires more confidence than

The info page (+ suffix) will always redirect to

Everything on will work on, but nothing on will work on

$1,000 a month

How others have paid for the service
Location-based service (see who else is here, who is the most active (the mayor) of the location, and what they think)
Badges awarded (if you go to 5 bars in one night, you get "bender" badge, if you go to 5 cities, you get "world traveler")
Takes GPS information, while walking around, checks you into places (like Joe's pub, don't each the fish, but the disco fries are delicious)
Created a million active users in one year

Idea; Internet GPS

Available today

end-to-end branding
no rate limits
realtime datafeed of underlying click-level analytics
allows others to create links

Multiple Position

Other metrics

No impression tracking or pixel actions
Just URL clicks

Benchmarks enterprise will compare sites similar to yours (not individually identifiable) to an average


Cannot change destination URL
By design, every link is a 301 redirect (permanent move)

Only solution is to create your own redirect service behind