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DokuWiki is a standards-compliant wiki that works on text files and needs no database with syntax similar to MediaWiki.



On Wikipedia

On Wikimatrix


Build by one guy in Berlin

Skins and plugins are simple and not impressive

Clean URLs


Change /conf/dokuwiki.php $conf['userewrite']  = 1;
Rename /.htaccess.dist to /.htaccess and uncomment the rewrite lines


Uploaded images are shown as thumbnails when inserting an image


DokuWiki has a generic plugin interface which simplifies the process of writing and maintaining plugins. There are over 465 plugins available. These can be easily integrated and managed by an admin user with the help of the plugin manager.


The appearance of the wiki can be defined by a template. There are already various templates provided by the development community.

Internationalization and localization 

DokuWiki supports Unicode (UTF-8), so languages such as Chinese, Thai, and Hebrew can be displayed. DokuWiki can be configured in about 40 languages.


DokuWiki stores the rendered output of parsed wiki pages to reduce server load.

Full text search 

DokuWiki has an integrated indexed search with which a user can search for keywords on the wiki.

Revision control 

DokuWiki stores all versions of each wiki page, allowing the user to compare the current version with any older version. The difference engine is the same as the one used in MediaWiki. Parallel editing of one page by multiple users is prevented by a locking mechanism.

Access control 

Access control can be handled by a user manager which allows users and groups of users to be defined, and an access control list where an admin user can define permissions on page and namespace level.