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Engine Yard

Oct 11, 2010 — I met with about their Ruby hosting platform.

Amazon EC2 platform

Engine Yard uses Amazon EC2 to power their Ruby platform.

They spent thousands of man-hours optimizing the stack, fine-tuned with a lot of automation built into the product.


Engine Yard is $18 a month more expensive than the basic small instance on Amazon EC2.


Storage and bandwidth fees are a pass-thru cost from Amazon (no markup).

Billing is per hour with no contracts, just like Amazon.

Appcloud docs


Engine Yard also offers xCloud, an enterprise-level product with complete SAS70 Type 2 compliance, starting at $3,000 a month.



Engine Yard uses git.

See the live deployment demo, showing daily

To port from Subversion to git, see

Automated load balancing

Load balancing is done in Engine Yard's Ruby stack and you don't need a load balancing server (but you do need multiple instances to load balance with).

Features coming soon

Currently, Engine Yard can deploy servers on the USA east coast.

They are opening up more zones in Europe and Asia and will soon offer world mapping availability.

Unsupported features

Engine Yard will not support Amazon's new micro-instances.

They also do not offer some Amazon EC2 features, like auto-scaling and RDS, Amazon's database, because they use MySQL.

Engine Yard chose only features that have value for Ruby apps.


Quick questions can be answered in IRC where the Engine Yard engineers hang out, but they also offer paid priority support.


Enter a nickname, add "engineyard" or "ey-cloud" in the channel section, and click "Connect".


Engine Yard does not offer a free service, like some competitors.

Sign up

To sign up, visit


For $18 a month, you get a fully-automated Ruby deployment system so you can focus on writing great code.

If Engine Yard saves you a couple hours a month, it pays for itself.