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Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads are better than Google AdWords.

Facebook has excellent behavioral targeting that lets you show your ad to exactly the people who are most interested in your product or service. For example, you can target people who are interested in soccer, 20-35 years old and living in five specific countries.

Create a New Facebook Account

It is easy to get your Facebook account suspended for mis-use. It is not so easy to get it restored.

Create a new Facebook account to run ads -- if big companies complain and get you suspended, you don't lose all your personal friends.


Target your ads!

Do not serve your ads to all of Facebook. I made that mistake and ended up paying ten times per click what I paid after I targeted my users.

Daily Limits

Facebook imposes daily limits, starting at $50 for new accounts.

If your account has been active, the daily limit starts at $250.

After a few successful payments, Facebook increases your limit upto $2,000 a day. If you need an even higher limit, contact Facebook directly.


Use CPM.

CPC is much more expensive in general.

Try both, but test only small amounts until you are convinced.