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Go Daddy

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Godaddy is a great web hosting service, cheap with excellent and friendly 24/7 phone support (and the support team is in the USA, not India!)

See Godaddy at

Godaddy is difficult to configure. Here are some tips.

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Enable SSH to get terminal access

On Windows, install OpenSSH

100 Connection Limit

The deluxe shared hosting has a 100 simultaneous connection limit. The unlimited shared hosting has a 200 limit.

Get the virtual dedicated server for no connection limits.

We hit these limits when we advertised on Facebook with a high daily budget ($1000).

Cron Job

To setup a Cron Job
  • Open the Hosting Control Center
  • Content | Cron Manager
  • /usr/bin/wget -O - -q "$link" > /dev/null 2>&1
  • Replace $link with the URL you want to ping regularly

Virtual Dedicated Server

Only allows one Remote Desktop connection at a time.

If you cannot sign in to your server, someone left a session open. To sign in  again, request a power cycle through the Hosting Control Panel on

The official response from Go Daddy

At this time it appears that the single Remote Connection to your server is open. As this connection is open, you would be unable to connect via Remote Desktop a second time. We would recommend rebooting your server in order to clear out the open connection. You may wish to modify the idle timeout settings for Terminal Services on your server. To access these settings, you may follow these steps:

1: Open the [Start] menu on your server.
2: Expand the "Programs" sub menu and navigate to "Administrative Tools".
3: Click on "Terminal Services Configuration".
4: In the right panel, right-click the name of the connection you would like to modify. The settings related to session limits and timeouts can be found within the "Sessions" tab.

Also, you may wish to ensure that your servers users are logging out through the option found within the Start menu to "Log Off" so that the connection is properly closed by Windows.