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The iPad launched on Apr 3 in the USA and May 10 internationally.



Notes taken while watching

Steve Jobs shows how to use the iPad with a live demo

Apple Updates

250,000,000 (250 million) iPods sold since 2001

The iPod is a portable music player.



3 billion Apple apps downloaded in the 18 months since the Apple App Store opened

In 2010 Q1, Apple generated $15.6 billion revenue

Today, Apple is a $60 billion a year company.

Revenue comes from three product lines


Apple is a mobile devices company (most of the macs Apple ships are laptops)

By revenue, Apple is the largest mobile devices company in the world

Apple is bigger than Sony, Samsung and Nokia


iPad creates a new category between a mac laptop and an iPhone

The iPad is better than a laptop or iPhone at

Browsing the web
TV and movies

What about a Netbook?

Low quality displays
Runs PC software

Netbooks are just cheap laptops


Over 75 million people already know how to use the iPad (all the iPhone and iPod touch users)
Three stores: iTunes store, App store and the new iBookstore, all enabled for one-click shopping (users have downloaded over 12 billion products to-date)
Supports all the iPhone apps
1024x768 display
9.7" LCD (iPhone is 3.5")
Extremely thin
Extremely light (only 1.5 lbs)
Big enough for a full keyboard and touch-typing on its surface
Has a keyboard accessory that lets you attach a real keyboard to the iPad, creating a full computer!
Multi-touch (can use both hands independently at the same time)
10 hours of active battery life and over a month of standby life


iPad makes Amazon's Kindle obsolete

Steve Jobs demoed how easy it is to buy and read books at 51:35 minutes

The books can have videos!

Developer features

Apple rewrote all their iPhone apps to take advantage of the larger display
Apple released the iPad SDK for every other developer to do the same
Apple will put iPad-specific apps front-and-center for iPad users (but they can easily get all the iPhone apps as well)
Gameloft is one of the largest iPhone and iPod touch game developer with over 60 games that have been downloaded more than 55 million times
In a few weeks, they updated their most popular FPS, Nova, to support the iPad's larger display and unique multi-touch features

iBooks uses the open-standard EPUB format

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The iPad is Apple's most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.