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iPhone OS 4

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The iPhone OS 4 will ship this summer for iPhones and iPods and this fall for iPads

The developer preview shipped Apr 8 2010.



Apple sold 50 million iPhones and 35 million iPod touches

Over 185,000 apps are available on the App Store, everything from browsing imdb to streaming all of ABC's tv shows


The new multitasking APIs do not drain battery life or slow down the foreground app
  1. Background audio

    Pandora will now play Internet radio in the background

    Pandora gets 30,000 new listeners a day! They said their growth doubled the day they launched on the iPhone and today 25% of their streaming is to the iPhone.

  2. Voice over IP

    Skype in the background

  3. Location

    With an easy way to see which apps are asking for your location

  4. Push notifications (alerts)

    Uses an Apple server to notify users (eg: Your city is under attack in Evony!)

  5. Local notifications

    Does not use an Apple server, for apps that are already running

  6. Task completion

    Lets operations that take a long time, like uploading files, happen in the background

  7. Fast app switching

    Can pause and resume apps instantly


Can now organize all your apps into folders

Create a folder by just dragging one app onto another

iAd Advertising

On the desktop, Search is where all the money is made (Google).

On the iPhone, people do not search, they use apps. If you want a restaurant, you don't search Google, you open the Yelp app

Web ads cannot deliver emotion, just interaction. That's why most ad dollars are still spent on television

Also, today's browser ads yank you away from your page and you have to think how to return to where you were

So what do users do? They don't click on ads

Apple's iAd is emotion + interaction. The ads keep you in your app with a consistent way to return to where you were 

Clicking an ad opens it in full screen with a clear X in the top-left to return to your app. The ad really is a web page with streaming video, games, locations to buy and buy directly in the ad without going to the app store. Just like a web widget

iAds are in HTML 5 (not Flash and not Apple apps)

Apple will share 60% (the industry standard) of the ad revenue with the app owner