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PayPal is a convenient and safe service to send and receive money online, both for personal and business.


Frequently asked PayPal questions

How to change PayPal monthly spending limits

Mass Payment

To save fees, PayPal offers Mass Payment which charges 2% upto a maximum of $1.25.

To use this feature, click "Send Money | Make a Mass Payment" and upload a tab-delimited file with these columns
  • Payee email address
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Tracking code (optional)
  • Custom text like "Thank you for your business" (optional)
Here is a sample Mass Payment file

For details, see


If you don't use Mass Payment, PayPal charges 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction except for personal transactions and purchases for goods or services.

Note: PayPal hides the fees when you choose "Purchase" as a reason for the transaction and not "Personal". Only the recipient will see the fee.

To avoid fees, use a reason in the Personal tab when sending money, like "Personal | Other".

Test your settings by sending $1 first!

For an overview, see

For details, see