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Peanut Labs

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Peanut Labs helps monetize your site with virtual currencies through surveys, offers, direct payment and referral programs specific to each country

Facebook chose them to power Facebook credits, together with TrialPay


  • Pay out 80%
  • Some flexibility on % based on volume
  • $3 - $10 pay out average (free offers pay less)
  • 3.0 - 3.5% conversion average
  • Free offers ask users to download or sign up for something
  • Pay offers sell something
  • Offers are more static (don't change often)
  • If a user accepts an offer, he will not see it again
  • Has daily deals
  • Very clean offers, Facebook-compliant
  • Crazy detailed offer categories we choose so we don't have to check everyday and say, "Hey, I don't want that offer, please take it down"


  • Pay out 50%
  • No flexibility on %
  • $1 - $6 pay out average
  • 30 - 35% conversion average
  • Users share their opinion and get virtual currency in exchange (eg: A/B testing on trailers)
  • Unique to Peanut Labs (they started their business as a survey platform company)
  • Has a full team keeping the inventory fresh
  • Surveys change every 10 days
  • Available in 16 countries
  • Peanut Labs profiler collects age, sex, country, marital status, kids
  • Lists available surveys based on location and user profile (eg: Quebec males see different surveys than Seattle females)
  • Peanut Labs loses the user after he enters the survey and only knows who completes the survey
  • Survey owner controls the questions and does not share the answers (eg: you watch 10 movies a week? here are more movie questions)
  • Can design your own surveys with their platform (you are then treated like any other survey owner)
  • Can build your own survey not on their platform if the survey is not incentivized (like Google has that big red link in Take our Survey)
  • Peanut Labs does not consume their own platform (very rare) it costs thousands of dollars to create the survey

Referral program

  • Invite a friend and get virtual currency
  • Like iEvony

Direct payment

  • Users pay real money to buy virtual currency


Getting started

  • Dashboard
    Click "Register", then login and setup your account

  • Once integrated, Peanut Labs has a variety of marketing tricks and is happy to discuss how to boost user engagement, traffic and revenue starting with launch

  • They also have a PR machine to announce partnerships and special initiatives. Ask your account manager to get listed