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Skype is one of the easiest-to-use video conferencing and instant messaging tools.


They have the best long-distance rates to phones anywhere in the world, and offer Skype-in phone numbers making local calls possible from your from friends and contacts in other countries.

The best use of a Skype-in number is a static point of contact that will never change. You can be in China and receive calls on your local USA number that auto-forwards to your local Chinese phone at Skype's low long-distance calling rates. Then, when you move to Europe, you can forward to your new phone and your friend never need to learn the new phone number.

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On May 19, 2010, my account locked itself out.

Literally while typing an instant message, Skype logged me out and did not allow me to log back in. I could not reset my password and Skype has no customer support phone number.

That's right, Skype is a telephone company with no telephone support.

To contact Skype, you can only use

Note: they require the last two phone numbers called through Skype! They will not respond if you do not remember who you called. Luckily, I did remember, and 48 hours later my account was re-activated.

Skype lost my trust. I cannot put anything critical on Skype now in case they shut me out again, possibly permanently if I cannot remember the details.

Update 2010-05-23: After signing in, I noticed a strange email address in my account: [email protected] (not exactly that, but close). It is possible someone in Slovakia compromised my account.