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SnapABug adds a Help tab and a live chat option to every page on your website, similar to how User Voice adds a Feedback tab.



Nothing to install

Everything is done through a web interface, front-end and back-end


Users can easily take screenshots and send them to you

For example (scroll down)


Users can be connected to your supportstaff by an automated third-party phone dialer (currently in beta)


Works in Basecamp, Sales Force, ZenDesk, FogBugz and Pivotal Tracker

Realtime website chat

Friendly instant message box that notifies your support staff only if someone replies to the "Hello, can I help you?"
"Hello, thank you for visiting. Can I help you in any way?"


Suggested Features

I would like to see
  • History to show past chat if I close and re-open the chat window (or a "Show past chat" link)
  • Context-sensitive help (if you are on the Sign Up page, show help related to signing up)
  • Feedback support (so I don't need to sign up for
  • Timestamp on chat messages (or an option to show timestamps)


The free account has reasonable features

The $49 / month is the most common pay account



SnapABug started by two partners in Sep 2009 and started offering pay accounts Oct 2009.

As of 2010-05-13, has 2,000 clients and just released Basecamp integration