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SEO helps search engines move your content higher up in the search results.

vbSEO and vbSEO sitemap are the world's best SEO extension for vBulletin, and vbSEO unfortunately costs $150 (vbSEO sitemap is free, but both are needed).

Is there an equivalent free option? Let us know!



After purchasing, sign up for the vbSEO affiliate program

Affiliate program

Record your affiliate id in

Configure vbSEO

General settings > vbSEO options > Your vbseo affiliate id > (your numeric id)

General settings > Advanced > Enable last-modified header > Yes
So Google shows the date in search results, users often look for recent content

General settings > Log and tracking options > Google analytics > (your code)
Enable tracking, funnels, user segmentation and AdSense section targeting

General settings > Caching options > Cache type > (what your server uses)
Improves performance

SEO functions > Replace 'Previous/Next Thread' redirect links? > Yes
Better for SEO than just "Previous thread | Next thread"

Other enhancements > Cleanup HTML code > Yes
Increases the c2c (content-to-code) ratio and reduces page size

Other enhancements > Direct category links > No
If "yes", cannot see number of forum posts in categories and lose potential SEO by not having separate category page urls

Troubleshoot vbSEO

Album photos missing lost all its album photos

Solution: turn off rewrite album urls in

admin > vbseo > url rewrite settings > advanced > rewrite album urls > No

vbseo_serviceupdate table not found

If you see the "vbseo_serviceupdate table not found" MySQL error when creating a new thread

Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO vbseo_serviceupdate (s_threadid, s_updated)
MySQL Error: Table 'vboards.vbseo_serviceupdate' doesn't exist

Then run

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `vbseo_serviceupdate` (
`s_threadid` INT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
`s_updated` TINYINT(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
`s_dateline` INT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
KEY `s_updated` (`s_updated`)


vbSEO sitemap

Configure vbSEO sitemap

vbulletin admin > vbseo > vbseo sitemap settings

If you have vBSEO, include old urls? > Yes

Ensure Google finds the redirect headers for each page. vbseo 301-redirects old urls to new clean urls, but Google will see this as duplicate content. It takes upto 180 days for Google to guarantee it purged the old urls from its index. After 180 days, change this to "No".

Note: When I changed from Yes to No, our sitemap halved. Maybe saying Yes doubles the sitemap size