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New users: Confirm emails
vBulletin options > User registration options > Verify email address in registration > Yes


Always use Memcached

Enable it in config.php: Remove /* ... */ in the memcached section (after confirming memcached works)


IP Ban

Standard vBulletin IP banning is in
vBulletin options > User banning options > Edit settings

Better IP ban extension

Adds "IP ban management" to admin sidebar

Tips on banning IPs

Flush Cache

From your original vBulletin ZIP-file, upload the file tools.php found in the do_not_upload folder to your admincp-directory.

Point you browser to ( and select all options from Datastore Cache.

After you are finished, please remove tools.php again from the admincp directory.

Disable Hooks

Are you using some modifications? If so, disallow all of them by placing this line into config.php

define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);

Secuity Tips

Apache has a firewall called ModSecurity and Atomicorp shared some excellent rules for that module. They offer a free version of their rules and a subscription service.

vb firewall

Protects against certain attacks

Install a firewall on the server

Rename the admin directory and only give the URL to trusted staffers

Set htaccess username/password protection

Only give the URL and password to admins

Restrict individual admin permissions

If one admin account gets hacked, they can't destroy the database or mess with styles

Patch VB to the latest edition

This is a must

Possibly install Mod_security for Apache

Might have side effects with any software installed on your server

Fix defaced templates

Security guide