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WordPress is the world's most popular blogging and website building tool.


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WordPress 3.0 Thelonious

What's new in WordPress 3

WP3 MultiSite launched June 17 2010

If you do a fresh install of WP3 MultiSite, create the folder /wp-content/mu-plugins/. It is not created by default anymore but many MultiSite plugins still need to be installed in this folder.

What's new

Custom admin username
Can set the admin username during installation

Unified updater
Update WordPress installation, plugins and themes all in one place
WordPress puts your site in maintenance mode during the updates to make sure nothing goes wrong (so users cannot use your site while it is being updated)

Help tabs on every page

2010 is the new default WordPress theme that takes advantage of all the features of 3.0, such as custom menus, background and headers

Custom post types allow CMS like contact management

BuddyPress is just a plugin - add a complete social network!

There is no more WordPress MU and WordPress, it is merged into one.

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And everything

New Terminology

  • WordPress MU -> WordPress Multisite (or “MultiSite”, “MS”, etc. This is WP with MultiSite enabled) 
  • Blog -> Site (a blog that a user can signup for) 
  • Site -> Network (a group of blogs are tied together, usually with a main blog to head them up and accept registrations. Unless you are using a special plugin a MultiSite install only has one Network) 
  • Site Admin -> Super Admin (the super user that has access to everything in the Network) 
  • All the admin menu’s under “Super Admin” have also changed to reflect this new terminology.


Settings | Permalinks

Custom Structure: /%postname%/

Remove the date from your permalinks (no SEO value)

If you want to list your site in Google News, read


If you cannot sign up, check "Admin | Settings | Generla | Anyone can register"

If you set Permalinks and you get Permission Denied errors, ensure you have FollowSymLinks in your Apache Options

<Directory "C:/repository/html">
    Options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI


Enable Nest paths for WordPress MU blogs

Allow multiple domains to be served by one WordPress MU install

Change or remove "Comments are closed"

Change or remove "/blog" permalink prefix

To remove the hard-coded /blog permalink prefix





BuddyPress Themes

WPMU Developers

WPMU Premium subscription service with an affiliate program that pays 33% commission

They guarantee all their plugins will work with the latest WordPress on launch day (recently 3.0)

WordPress App Store

Professional WordPress and WordPress MU services ($20,000+)