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YouTube is the world's best and most popular video streaming website

Their commitment is for your uploaded content to "look as good or better than the source quality"

YouTube is video, but is also the #2 search engine in the world behind If you focus on Google SEO, are you ignoring YouTube SEO?



Add subtitles and sync transcripts to your videos!

Click the "Captions and Subtitles" tab

It is far faster to create and sync the transcript  in then export it to YouTube

That's what we did for my Civ 5 Deity video

^-- Click the "CC" button!

Copyright complaints

Did someone re-upload your video or infringe on your copyright?


For example, one of our videos was blatantly copied with a link in the description to someone's affiliate code for Zygor's quest guide.



Zygor's quest guide linked in video copy description

I noticed it in the "Related videos" column from our latest Warrior DPS: Arms video


Set your "Country" to "Canada" to get badges on your YouTube channel (eg: #4 most viewed this week) if you are getting with "USA" as your country.

Making money on YouTube

YouTube partner

When you are not accepted to the YouTube partner program, YouTube recommends

Promotion with YouTube ads

YouTube optimization tips


Since we added annotations to our YouTube videos, we have seen
  • 400% increase in daily channel views
  • 100% increase in daily subscribers
  • 50% increase in daily video views
Every click sends the user to our YouTube channel. Before, they had to click that little "tgnWorldOfWarcraft" just beneath the title.


Since more people see our channel, more people click Subscribe. And since our video links are front-and-center for the first 8 seconds of every video play, we get more video views.

At this rate, we are on track to do a million views in the next 30 days!


We spent a month testing and improving our YouTube annotations, and they are finally done!


^-- All our popular videos now look like this

Blue sandwich

The blue bubbles focus attention on to the relevant video links, like a sandwich :)

First on YouTube!

Currently, we are the only ones to use annotations as an intro navigation menu.

Since the sandwich shows only relevant videos, I suspect people will rewind and click to see related videos!

6/12 second rule

6 seconds: Show all links
6-12 seconds: Show only three links 

Why 12?

YouTube starts showing ads at 12 seconds, so all our annotations will disappear just as the ad appears (when we get YouTube Partner status).


With these new annotations, we get 7,500 channel views a day.

Our goal is to reach 10,000!

Note: Every annotation click sends them to our YouTube channel. We get a channel view and a video view. 2-in-1!


Use the same 3-4 unique tags so all your videos appear in the Related videos right column

Use general tags so your videos appear in YouTube and Google search results

Copy all tags from your biggest competitor so you appear in his "related videos" column!


Both tgnWorldOfWarcraft and tgnGames have seen tremendous growth in 2 months!


Content promotion

We learned that every great video needs promotion
  • "Favorite" and "Like" your video, ask everyone you know to do the same
  • Write article on (which gets syndicated by Google News)
  • Embed videos on popular wikis
  • Announce videos in popular forum posts
  • Post on your Twitter and Facebook pages


YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, behind Google, but I had no idea we could get to a million views a month so quickly!

This is a snowball: more subscribers gets more Likes gets better YouTube search placements gets more video views gets more subscribers, and repeat.


Channel views update exactly the same time twice a day (eg 8:00am and 5:00pm) and change by the same amount (eg: 544 and 544). This is a strange pattern, suggesting YouTube estimates channel views and "fixes up" its estimate the next day

Channel views are what gives you badges!


Video views and subscriber count update at random times

Success Stories


Viral tips

Remove black bars

To remove black bars from your videos, record them at 16:9 like 1280x720 or 1920x1080

You can also stretch videos to 16:9 by adding to your tags: yt:stretch=16:9

This is the quick fix for 16:10 videos, like 1920x1200

New YouTube

The new YouTube launched Mar 31 2010

For many schools, YouTube is the #1 source of traffic. Teachers use it all the time and it's a major source of entertainment for kids.

YouTube is second only to Google itself in terms of searches on the web.

YouTube is almost ridiculously popular, surpassing MySpace for music promotion, competing with Hulu for original and broadcast content, and replacing America’s Funniest Home Videos as the entertainment of choice for an increasingly online society.

The new YouTube makes better use of screen real estate and simplifies sharing on social networks. Users can easily switch between embedded, full-screen, and widescreen viewing.

According to PCWorld, the redesign should also help drive the monetization of YouTube, keeping users watching videos longer:

"It’s designed to improve the site’s stickiness by getting visitors to watch more videos and (hopefully) never leave…In addition, you can now conduct a search while watching a video–a boon for multitaskers. Results appear on the right side of the page and won’t interrupt the video."

In addition to a simplified rating system (the stars are gone, replaced by thumbs up and thumbs down), it’s easier to save favorites and user channels are both more obvious and easier to subscribe to. For one of the best examples of how the new YouTube UI can be leverage for advertising, entertainment, and “stickiness”, check out the Toyota Sienna channel at


Captions vs Annotations

Copyright Violations

2010-06-20 I was uploading trailers from press kits to our YouTube channel, modified slightly to remove the beginning and ending credits, and adding our own ender.

I started seeing copyright violation notices!

YouTube checks the video immediately after uploading for Content ID matches, and if found, blocks your video. It also warns you if the video has 3rd party copyright but does not block it.

See both cases here

I tried re-uploading with different filenames and descriptions, and it showed the copyright error every time, so it matches on video content, not text.

The only solution is to edit the video more than just trimming the beginning and end.

For example, this video uses the 2009 SWTOR trailer heavily, but raises no copyright flags by inserting other video clips throughout


For-pay YouTube promotion services

NOTE: We have never used these services, and they may create a black mark on your channel if YouTube finds out you use them. Use at your own risk!

Blocked Video

YouTube will automatically block your video shortly after you upload it if its content matches known copyright material